What Is™ Your Ideal Life?

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Queen of Heaven is reborn on earth as it is in Heaven.
Do you feel her inside of you?

The Queen of Heaven
is feeling liberation and dignified as she slowly emerges from the darkness.
She is feeling the inner spring into action ‘
feeling fully aligned with her high heart leading the way.
The mother earth is coming alive….
her thoughts, her words, her actions, are in harmony with
who she is.
She is reborn here now
on this first day of spring,
We welcome you, beloved Goddess—— we honor you.
Happy new year, a Happy New beginning of 2018.
With grace, with gratitude with love we honor YOU.

May we be blessed.

we welcome you ——

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This March Equinox, what a sacred time and great reminder for all of us to align

finding balance and oneness in our lives.

What a great reminder of having equal hours of day and night,

as we listen to you.

the great teacher reminding us…
of this sacred time.
It is March 20-21st, we welcome the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

Rebirth and renewal is in the air.

our thoughts are birthing, are manifesting, very quickly now…
You are giving birth to each word being spoken…

Pause, reflect and make peace with the past….

let go of what is no longer serving you/ serving us/ serving the whole.

It’s time to seed.

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now Put the foundations under them.”- Henry David Thoreau\

and so we will…..

It’s time to start new projects
and take action on your dreams
with faith —knowing that living in the 5 d
hear on earth has been a journey and now
you are,

we are, manifesting the vision that was only like
castles in the air….like henry said

and now they are manifesting right before our eyes.

Victory, victory, victory.

Oh yea, it’s time to re-commit to be bold and take ownership again

of the sovereignty of your creations….

building your ideal life.

I want to think about one area of your life that is ideal right now….

Think of that…..
how does that feel?
What is it that is ideal for you?
Is it in business, is it in the home, is it in a relationship,
is it in the way you feel about life?
if you don’t have one
what would it be to have that Ideal situation happened for you?
Play with this in your imagination today,
give birth to that thought:
what is ideal for you?

I’ll give you an example…..
For me I have several ideals that come to mind
that I have earned and worked very hard to
manifest in my life.

My ideal outlet —Transformation Talk Radio Team——they are so great and we work really well together.
They show up…
They are my ideal platform— to host my guest to market the amazing people I work with.

I have another ideal that’s happening in my online business. I have Suman working behind the scenes and I have Kim…
integrating the social network this is huge for me…..

.I have several ideal clients that I love working with…..

They are Ideal and I value and love this very much.

Do you get the point of your ideal?
In one area of your life what is your ideal?


How do you want your life to unfold and what changes are you willing to make now?

Set yourself on that new path.
What do you want to manifest or create?

What does your ideal life look and feel like?


On this day,  blueprint this creation into being.

Speak this out loud so the universe can hear you:

“I choose balance within myself and all life”.

“I release and let go of everything that is no longer serving me”.

“Clear lines of communication7 between my conscious mind and7 my celluar matrix


The Blessing
“Behold the Divine Feminine within and around you.  Honor the Love that she brings to you.  In reading this message she blesses you infinitely with her love.  Feel- receive- integrate-this love deeply into your body.  Live in Peace within yourself and spread that Peace throughout the World.”      Tom Lumbrazo.  Seeing the World Through the Eyes of an Angel.

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