What is™ The Power of Unconditional Love

Applying unconditional love and what it means to you.

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What Is™ Unconditional love.

From me (Kornelia’s perspective), unconditional love has to do with feeling empowered after taking action, love being the action, with no attachment or thought about the outcome.  The empowerment comes from taking fearless action in the moment, choosing love over fear.  The freedom comes from not being attached to what the person or persons choose to do after I’ve  communicated my love, my boundaries, and what I value.

Unconditional love risks losing everything with no attachment to the outcome.

The golden nugget comes from having taken the action, not what the outcome will be.



To enter any authentic experience

it is necessary to embrace your personal experience, to listen

to what your inner-teacher tells you and not what the world tells you.

Your feelings are your nuggets…..your gold.
When you get triggered,  do not to let it build up inside.
Get the old feelings out, so new light can come in.
YOU are releasing ancient feelings that are no longer the truth of you.

You practice unconditional love by applying the wisdom in the moment of the experience.

What does applying or being unconditional love mean to you?


Where do feel you are applying this in your life now?


“We cannot manifest and exist in an energy if we are not being it!”
– Karen Bishop


Unconditional love Wisdom shared from the tribe

Suzie Quenneville says:

My perspective is feed by the fact that….first….we are coming from light, we are light being. From there, light for me is inconditionnal love, it is the same. Light, doesn’t juge, have no fear, no worries. When I want to be fully in the feelling of uncondtionnal love interfering with others or with situation or with places, I think about the light in me and in others and in situation and places. With that perspective, the inconditionnal love become a warm big wave surrounding in me and others and situation and places……and the feeling is sooooo goooood!!! No need to travel!!! ah ah ah ! cheap trip!!



Robyn Pipkin says:

Thank you Kornelia and Suzie! Totally relating to both of you! To me unconditional love is honoring myself in every interaction, and communicating that honoring with love and compassion. When I show others what I need, it gives them a chance to respect and honor me too. When I over give, it is not honoring to myself or others because it allows space for unwanted energy. It goes the other way too. When people express their needs authentically, it gives me a chance to respect their needs and boundaries with love and nurturing. Also, it helps me to also see myself and them from our higher selves as well, knowing that we are all in this together and we are all learning. Coming back to compassion is an act of unconditional love.



Robert Skeele says:

Wonderful even exquisite definitions of a simple but demanding concept starting with Kornelia’s take… a loving action without attachment to or thought about outcome. And then Suzie, seeing UL as light where there is no fear, judgment or worry. You love because of that love within, the light, which will always shine, reaching into even the darkest corner regardless of reaction. Followed by Robyn, her comments throwing light on another aspect of UL- the honoring of self in every interaction and communicating that honoring in the love expressed.
All three of you state, one way or other, the heart of the matter: a deeply embedded love within, so rich, so strong, that no outcome, however extreme, will discourage or thwart it. Why do we bother to reach out, to love in the first place? I speculate that we love because it is the nature of love to love, to seek union, a powerful life force perpetually reaching out to embrace, to form community, our natural state. We are all unique individuals but we exist in world of other individuals, called by the universe to love whole, to unite self and other. “Is this really true?” to ask Byron Katie’s question. All I know is I feel the most complete when I’ve expressed my love wholly and honestly with no hidden expectations (Kornelia has been instrumental in helping me reach this point as we’ve worked out our own profound, sex-free union over the years).



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  1. Kornelia says:

    being in right relationship is our practice this week
    to bring our unconditional love to all
    what does that mean?
    Love means many things
    love means nurturing yourself before you can truly nurture someone else
    love means loving yourself unconditionally before you can see this reflected in your reality by others
    you are the one that is anchoring this in your reality
    love means communicating your boundaries and your needs
    love means you releasing all judgments you have in your present reality no matter what is appearing
    love means taking action for the highest good of all in your mission of service to the ONE
    Please join me in this co-creation of birthing the new earth in love
    share with us a few tags of
    what does love mean to you?

    2 replies on “Your new relationship with life is manifesting right before your eyes.”
    Suzie Quenneville says:
    February 20, 2018 at 2:25 pm (Edit)
    For me … love is … to give permission to let others who they are…no matter what they are .

    Kornelia says:
    February 20, 2018 at 4:12 pm (Edit)
    Thank you, Suzie for loving others being who they are no matter what.
    what a gift.


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