What Is™…

What Is™… the What Is Game?
I created a new game that inspires and empowers you into your knowing and leadership.  Daily, you have the opportunity to apply practical spirituality from the comfort of your home.  It’s a living play-shop right at your fingertips.  Everyday you will get your spiritual workout, aligning with the New Earth Consciousness, thus letting go of old earth, thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, and energy that no longer serves you.  Let go of the old story and re-write the new by being positive only.

We work each day to turn “negatives” into positives.  It’s all a matter of perception.  Our challenge at this time is to remain intensely positive and focused, creating the world we wish to live in.  We did not come here to “fit” into the old world, we came here to create a new one.  Let the dream that you created long ago come alive with you by reclaiming your power, getting to the root of your anger, and allowing the truth to set you free.

How will this daily inspiration bring out your inner radiance? There is nothing more attractive than a person confident in their knowing — and this daily focus will help you do that by what you bring into it.

We are changing the the world together, and the is requires you input, your knowing, and your voice.  I want you to bring your powerful energy and blessings to this experience.  I want you to bring the teacher that is all-knowing within you.  I want you to bring your student and add your voice, your contribution, and change the game into abundant JOY for yourself, your family, and the world.  No one is coming to save you — you are saving yourself.  You are powerful beyond measure.

This is why I created the What Is™ Game — a higher dimensional portal — so we would have it easy to reprogram ourselves with positive new messages daily, by allowing all the old beliefs old negative feelings to come up and transcend through our experience.  It is there for you, come in and JOIN US.  Sign up now, feeling confident to stay on track, being your authority and re-programming yourself daily, positively-positive.

Right at your fingertips — every morning right when you get up — the message is waiting for you.
Daily inspirational messages and activations five days a week.

Together we are changing the world.  We came here to do this.  You have everything you need inside.  It’s your movie, your life, you the authentic genius, powerfully sharing your shiny self with the world.  Be authentically YOU!

The daily practice will have you living in a neutral space within your being.  The wounded child, who has been crying for your attention all your life, has been loved and nurtured by you.  The wounded ego has learned to trust you (the higher self) to be lead from the heart and let go of control.  The victim, after many lifetimes of dedicated service, work, and slavery, has been retired and is free.  The addict is no longer looking for something to numb and fill a void, as the addict now chooses to fill itself with radical self-love, as nothing else will do.  Who’s left is the authentic you — the super-love avatar.  Sharing your strong, authentic, courageous self with the world.

The New Spiritual Human Love Protocol

From Super-Soldiers to Super-Love Avatars,
the New Spiritual Human Love Protocol.
✓ release all negative thoughts and feelings
✓ use your anger as a tool to liberate yourself
✓ practice the art of letting go for most ease
✓ reprogram yourself every day with positivity
✓ refuse to judge anyone, look in the mirror
✓ up your daily self-love practice
✓ love the wounded child and wounded ego free
✓ retire the victim and the addict
✓ process your fears into love
✓ take full responsibility and ownership for everything
✓ re-claim your sovereign self-empowerment
✓ Connect with nature your angels and source daily
✓ see the gift you are, see the gift life is
✓ shine BRIGHT and spread your love
✓ joy for the greater good of all
✓ create the world you want to live in.

Self-confidence is the most basic, useful kind of faith.  When you lack that kind of confidence or faith, you’re likely to project it onto some external authority or object.  That will in turn further weaken your self-confidence.  So if you want to strengthen your confidence or faith, withdraw your worship of external gods, and focus on your true inner nature. 

Be authentically YOU to the world, your tribe is waiting for you.

Come and JOIN US.  Sign up now and in just 10 minutes per day, you’ll be empowered, inspired, and focused on being THE authority in your life and re-programming yourself daily, positively- positive.