Welcome to the holy land.


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I love this prayer by ANN Harris:

“Let my lower self-give way graciously, respectfully, and reverently to the highest and best within me.  Let me be my highest Self, that which vibrates and resonates with the unconditional Love for All that resides deep within me as the truth of my being.  Let me find the courage to live that which makes my heart sing with joy and Love; that which evokes the highest frequency-resonant perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions that I am capable of in any given moment.  Let me remember to take pause, to still myself and stand in my full Divine Presence before I speak or take action.  In doing so, I invoke my Heart to show itself through my thoughts, words, and deeds so that i may see the truth of my Self-revealed”.  So Be It.



We have a powerful new moon in Gemini today. We are seeding this new moon, the ninth wave, the new Earth, with our highest love, our highest potential and our sincere dedication to making the land holy again.


We are the keepers of the garden.

Leave the past behind where it belongs. There is no looking back and now we are even more dedicated to consciously choosing love over fear any day and at any moment. Our hearts are empowered to choose the higher love. We are multi-dimensional beings and we are in allowance to fully resurrect the gifts of our divinity.
We know that fear is not real and we know how to transcend the fear. Fear does not live here anymore. Love is the action and peace is the action. You are the love in action.

The creator God source in you is allowing the receiving of more love, more light, more awakening and more empowerment on a cellular level NOW.

Allow. Open. Receive.

There is so much happening with the new masculine archetype showing up in full support of the feminine, in balance, the masculine and feminine receiving each other in divine communication with joy and awe and wonder of the new relationship, the inner relationship, taking right action and love being the first step. Placing the conscious intention to offer up unconditional love is the seeding of  this new paradigm, our bodies’ being upgraded with this powerful glorious energy.

Rise up,
step up,
receive yourself the abundant, prosperous ,loving light you are and shine on….

Peace love liberty for all,

I love you.


If you have any fears or questions, please feel free to ask.


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