We welcome the inner child to come out and play.


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This last past weekend I was invited to go to a drumming circle and the invitation stated we will ground in heaven on earth. Since we have already created the template here in the membership, I knew it was a perfect opportunity to anchor in a .ceremony.

And It truly was heaven on earth…
that day my beloved partner Brian and, of course, my/ our beloved Bob
drove up on the hill at Big Lake to participate, grounding in the new energy.

The day was magnificent, the sanctuary was so divine overlooking the water below. The house was a healing center, full of windows and light, a perfect reflection of what I am creating for myself and for my retreats in the future.

I was so delighted that universe showed me how close my new place is. Now I am even more dedicated and committed to realizing my dream.


There were 22 people gathered. 22 a master number. We danced, we drummed, we sang, and we loved each other one and all.

The energy was so sacred, so honoring. I feel so blessed, so grateful for this life for how happy my life is, Five-D living with ease into the new reality.
How happy and In love with life I feel with myself, with my source/ with my God that i can hardly believe what is unfolding.
There is so much love in my relationships.



It hasn’t always been this way. The work to release the separation, to release the old, limiting constructs has been hard and painful. To release the victim and claim the true relationship with source/ god/ the higher self each moment of every day in full trust and honor is not easy.
So as we begin this powerful week, we are moving into alignment even more, allowing all the dust to fall away that is no longer our truth.
July is for integration.
August is a time of powerful eclipses,
and September is when we will have anchored in our true leadership in this one year.

so for today, blueprinting our new reality,

we speak out these words:

“With calm mastery of my emotions, I direct my life”.
“I invite my inner child to come out and play”.
“Honoring my innocence, I trust the new path before me”.

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