The Visionary Pioneer

IMG_7719-320Hi there, I am Kornelia, a visionary pioneer modeling the new human template (the consciousness of the Cosmic Christ).  I am respected as a leading edge evolutionary for personal transformation, self-healing, self-love activist, author, intuitive mystic, and spiritual teacher in the New Earth.  I am deeply honored to co-create with you.  I focus my energy and I am devoted to New Earth living and thriving for all.  I inspire others to co-create in harmony, building sustainable communities, co- creating through heart-based living, community connections, and love leadership — creating for the greater good of all.  One way is through this website.

I am the Founder and President of the Global Association of Ascended Living and Thriving In the New Earth.  My new creation and membership site offers many tools for you to come and play.  I am extremely excited about the new game called What Is™ — please check it out for yourself, free for seven days.  I am confident that you will love it, and that you will want to become a member and experience the immense value of what we will co-create together.

These are a lot of great titles and big words, which I have inch-by-inch felt every part of it into my being, my physical body, through my experiences.  In my spare time I love to play, I wrote a rap song (that will soon be released), so I’m very excited to be here on this earth at this time — it is my honor, I love you, and I love life.

If you want to work with me individually, contact me.
My passion to inspire others into self-healing, self-love, self-leadership, and self empowerment is my JOY.

Individual Sessions with Kornelia
Are you challenged in your life right now — feeling powerless, not sure how to move forward, or are you are not feeling at peace with all the changes that are happening, and would like support, physical, emotional, or spiritual healing — healing of your heart?  Could it be you’re releasing anger, having relationship issues, deep blocks, or ancestral wounding and would like resolution and healing?  Most health problems are caused by lack of harmony, emotional suppression, or unresolved issues of past or present.  I work with the inner body, and in order to feel the release we must heal the deep seated feelings that cause the disturbances.

Love, Peace, Liberty, and Freedom for all.
With deepest love,