The Stargate is here, enter the highest plane.

Fly high above, Superwomen and Supermen,

soar above your mundane life and see the amazing love you are. See your life from a new, higher, truer perspective, bringing your love and wisdom to your being now.


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As Mahatma Gandhi said:
“Carefully watch your thoughts, for they become your words. Manage and watch your words, for they will become your actions. Consider and judge your actions, for they have become your habits. Acknowledge and watch your habits, for they shall become your values. Understand and embrace your values, for they become your destiny”.


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It’s about to get funky physical when we are free to be our highest expression, and what JOY that is,

being who we say we are in our highest realization, living our truth.

You are the superwomen and supermen,
the divine realizing the self as the divine,
choosing moment to moment,
the zero point energy of now.

Our job is to live and express our highest form of consciousness here now, to
rise above our lives, seeing, observing, new perspectives and insights from a higher place than we normally would.

Look how far we have traveled, how much we have grown,

how awake we are today.

It has not been easy and now

we’ve dreamed of the new world, we’ve believed it into being. As this most epic, new consciousness unfolds, our job is to finish strong because everything we have envisioned is manifesting itself right before our eyes. We must have/ bring faith and trust into every moment. Our thoughts are manifesting very quickly now.  Choose often to think only pure thoughts, thoughts that liberate ourselves and others.

On and up. Here we go.

Relationship as heaven is here now.
Do you see your magnificence?
We have a powerful new moon today it is in Libra.
I am a Libra and my birthday is Sunday.
Libra is the sign of relationships –
balance harmony and beauty – so we
look back in our travels and see where we want to bring more balance into our relationships, more love, more expression.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important, the trust and love we feel expressing the divine moment to moment. The relationship we have with our physical body, bringing our body into the higher vibrations of light, nurturing and caring for it,

even talking to it,

all, at the best, are rooted in our love.

A symbol associated with the new moon degree of Libra is: An airplane hovering overhead. About this degree, astrologer Blaine Bovee writes: “The ‘Superman’ degree. Look up. High up. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman! …Rising above a situation can be a creative way to gain perspective, to be able to see things clearly as if from above. … The ‘Superman’ feature in this symbol speaks to transcendent capacities, goals, ideals, that are far above social and cultural norms.”

Be clear about your intentions.
Know what they are …
Speak them out loud and watch them manifest like miracles right before your eyes…..

Happy new beginnings!
True freedom to be the love we are, rocking this world free, loving this world free.
Source sovereign free.

Share your most favorite intention with us here.

what are you manifesting?





6 replies on “The Stargate is here, enter the highest plane.”

  1. Suzie Quenneville says:

    Happy happy happy I am! As weird I felt
    Last week…. as happy and free I am now. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Kornelia!!! No words to explain this…on last monday morning, I woke up and felt free, free of the “old”. In day to day life, I just began to do think differently just as I felt them and not in routine of life. Without any question from me, I litterally just act with new ways of doing thing , by that I mean the usual thinks of every day life, and it change every thing after that. It is hard to describe. But, what I can say is that, In last January I manifested to going trought the changes in an EASY WAY….. welll it could not have been more easy than that… thank for the tribe support too!!! It appears to me that, simply to be abel to say that I felt weird ( meaning in kind of transmutation) and knowing that the tribe will read it , I felt supported with all your energies!!! Thank you alll … nice WE … and hapy welcoming to the new!!!

    • Kornelia says:

      Suzie, I love hearing this. How happy you are now and how free you feel. I do understand this freedom and this feeling….. this is the new earth, 5dimensional living …this is the freedom from the matrix that you are now feeling. I am so excited for you for us and my darling you are so welcome. Thank you for being here and trusting this process. YOU have been a great support in this flow just s you know. rembember about a year ago the post I wrote about ease????? and you loved that so much too…making it easy and having it come for you. YOU are a master manifester I know this about you and I have seen you. On and up sister in consciousness here we go…Happy free shining and showing others how cool it is to be us….. love you.

  2. Suzie Quenneville says:

    Thank you for your inspired feed back!! Thank a lot!!! I love your guidance … so clear so direct… and….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY WONDERFULL MAGICAL AND SHINNY KORNELIA!!!

    • Kornelia says:

      Thank you Suzie. This morning I was going down for my coffee and of course Bob up early with a big smile on his face writing me a poem. I am so blessed with so much Joy and friendship. Life is sweet living heaven on earth. Awake aware and empowered with the truth of who we are. Peace love liberty.

  3. Robert Skeele says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kornelia !!

    Thank you, dear one, for the last four, the fun,
    a tear here and there, as you tear, and tore, me loose
    from that part of my past, a time whose scope
    is long and vast,
    that put me down,
    arming me instead with rivets of love and hope,
    into a new view of myself,
    less frown, as I healed, am healing,
    into a new being, fit to create a fair and livable
    future with love at the center of it.
    Thank you, dear one, for the last four, the fun,
    the sheer joy it brought, and brings,
    at even the mere thought.

  4. Suzie Quenneville says:

    Wonderfull… such a poet you are… for our great pleasure!!!!

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