The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself.

I got a little emotional in the end here.  First time every crying doing a post.  Lot’s of energy moving through me.  I Love you all.  Thank you for listening.


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“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself.
The challenge is to silence the mind.”
Caroline Myss


The past few weeks have challenged even the most advanced light workers with all the absolute ridiculousness and craziness going on. We are reminded that all of this has a purpose: to purge and let go of all that is no longer of service to us for the new cycle of life we are beginning in 2017.  I have found for me personally how challenging it is to create and do my work with all the transmuting that is necessary to do in the higher planes and this version of ascension—— and I have to keep reminding myself of this.

In the early part of the  year, we talked a lot about how 2016 is the year of completion. It is the year to bring to completion anything that our soul, our being, is feeling and yearning for.

This year of 2016 we are saying yes to change. We want change individually and collectively. We are going for fulfillment in all areas of our lives. We all want the same thing: Freedom to live here on this planet in peace and harmony,
soaring spirituality, vibrant health, supportive, loving relationships, and  fulfilling, purposeful careers all rooted in love. Now, in this time, financial prosperity means bringing the spiritual into the material. The spiritual has to come first (I will write about this a lot more in upcoming blogs).

The cosmic nine takes our curiosity now. Getting intimate with the cosmic nine is what this year will be about. The number nine is about completion; what you are longing to complete and receiving the fulfillment of that completion. Moving that completion into expansion. Shedding all the old patterns, habits, limitations, feeling complete with all of that that has come to pass.

We as a collective are completing–
poverty, war, struggle, enslavement, dis-ease, lies, limitations, doubt, fear, distractions. For all that choose to let that part be complete in their/our life. The light is here to stay, and the light will prevail, and that is the humanitarian energy of the number nine. What in your life are you completing? What about addictions? Are you ready to retire the addict? What about the wounded ego, are you ready to love it free? Freeing yourselves from your addictions and letting go of old habits, patterns, and beliefs that are not the truth of who you are at the core of your being.

What about judgment? Are you ready to let go of judgment of good and bad, of right and wrong? Are you ready to let go of judging yourself and others? Another one of those human behaviors to retire. Replace judgment with compassion and understanding.

Next year is a new cycle we are moving into a one year and new cycle and new earth. The great thing is we have surrendered and let go of everything that we do not want to bring into our new cycle with us.

These are the highest days of transmission and we are up for it. Transmute quickly by surrendering and claiming your truth with every step you take and remember you have been in training for a long time.

Congratulations brave warrior of light, don’t give up know, remember that you and GOD are one and that together you are unstoppable with your love. Visualize the highest beam of love right now that everything you touch turns to gold and that you have to power to bring love your wisdom and truth into every cell of your being including the cell memory of the earth.

I live in the light
I laugh in the light
I am nourished and sustained by the light
I am the light
I am the light
I am


Peace, Love and Freedom for all.

Source, Sovereign, Free,



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