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“In the beginning, there was the Word,  “Sound vibration.”  Word was with God, and Word was God.” All vibration is manifested from the Holy Cosmic Vibration and all sound from its sound of Amen or Aum”

-from Yogananda

Everything is Energy, Vibration and Frequency.  Energy is not personal. It just is.  Our thoughts are electric and our emotions are magnetic.   At a lower frequency, our thoughts and words find there way back to the transmitter, taking time/space into consideration, before the return of our investment in the spoken word (sound) is manifested in our reality.  At a very high frequency, vibration confers the power of instant manifestation of thought. Heaven equals ultra-high frequency. Heaven on Earth is the Manifestation Now!


We are all instruments in a grand symphony of sound and vibration, playing melodies yet unheard. It’s essential to maintain purity of thought and speech by focusing on pure thoughts and orchestrating our energy in a direction that emits the sounds, a frequency which will deliver a matching vibration of harmonic resonance back to you.. Each conscious shift of thought creates a shift in vibration. Emotions are energy patterns we use to clear our physical bodies of old, suppressed emotions stuck within the DNA.  To clear ourselves, we must be willing to release all emotional charges, bringing ourselves back to neutral. Creative Light Vibration is created to help you stay pure in thought, to raise your vibration, to release your emotional density and to assist you in coming back to your true organic nature which is to live in harmony.


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