I AM Infinite possibilities



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Good Morning Tribe,

Are you ready to come home to the truth of who you are?

Are you clearing the decks and beginning with a fresh clean slate?

There is a massive sorting out process happening.

Choose again and again the place you want to be to live here on this planet.

From the sacred heart, from the truth of your being with a new beginning.

Living your truth, Living expressing—- your authentic self.

Being deliberate in consciously creating your heaven on earth,

your paradise.


Align with your true potential here as you are listening to this transmission
this experience is inviting you to
express your most heartfelt wishes

I wish………….to know

Source, wishes to know your IAM Presence God wants to know

how you are feeling in the deepest recesses of your heart?

I wish…………….for understanding
of all your desires, ambitions, hopes, dreams


Blueprinting the new reality

I believe I can move mountains in my life with my words and my love.

I AM Infinite possibilities, this is the truth




The new radio show title



Moving forward with ease

Into the 5d reality

The New Spiritual Human

Creating Heaven on Earth

Live with 

Kornelia Stephanie


2 replies on “I AM Infinite possibilities”

  1. Robyn Pipkin says:

    Beautiful post Kornelia! And beautiful title for your radio show. Thank you for sharing your dream with us. I do not have any doubt that you were doing your healing work in another dimension. You are right on the money that we are or I am anyway, building my new foundation brick by brick. Have a wonderful day everybody!

  2. Suzie Quenneville says:

    I do agree Robyn!!!

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