The Merge

Free Falling into my JOY~~~~~
Looking through the eyes of my infinite soul….

Oh yes….. how I felt the urge to MERGE this last past week to live in balance and harmony, living and experiencing true divine union within me. The sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine within this Sacred Union of the ~~ONE. `Halleliua`

There was so much resistance to this merge for me~~
the imbalance was clear and it was within my feminine side, I’ve been really good at taking action, but was called for here was a deeper softness a deeper willingness to allow my innocence to “Be” and to Embrace the feminine principal of receptivity all the way down to creation.

The challenge was to be willing to let go of all attachments and
to allow myself to receive all the creations( intentions) I have put out, trusting that my hearts desire is lived and experienced moment to moment.
To allow it all to show up. ~ To allow it all to show up.~
Easier said than done~
Ha, that’s the role of way`shower, the willingness to experience the discomfort so a better way can be lived and experienced.

My beautiful body was holding so much anxiety and fear within each cell of the past memories of lies. Many times I had to allow my anger to rise up to release energy~~ the lie, the belief, that I can’t have what I want. Releasing “effort”- as Effort interferes with the ability to receive”. This was a biggie. One by one the fears where embraced, felt and loved free.

The practice now is~Integration~
as I relax into this knowing and feeling unafraid of the unknown will be a moment to moment choice.
I intend and align myself with the a verse of the Tao Te Ching~
The Master acts without doing anything~ and she teaches without saying anything. Things arise and she lets them come. Things disappear and she let’s them go. She has but does not posses, she acts but does not expect. When her work is done she forgets it. That is why it lasts forever.

I honor myself for Dreaming the big dream, for the courage to live the highest vision, to go to the depths of the water and feel every inch of it into being. I continue to summon my inner Queen, I am awake, I feel inspired, I know my truth and I boldly speak it.

Because I refuse to live in the old earth, as ordinary has never excited me, I am in the new Earth, and I want ecstasy.

As I was writing the date, I realized a very very Synchronistic celebration on this day for me, It was exactly 4 years ago today, December 4th, 2009 when a few good friends gathered at my home to witness me, getting married. My first wedding, was a my self love ceremony to myself. And now to experience true divine union within me, is sacred. I am Home, I am Free, I am Love.

I am the Mother I am awakened I am Ma Buddha…I am the Passion the New Earth.
I dream I create I enjoy…..
I Am ~Kornelia unleashing my Venus

Empower Yourself Now!

I AM posting this Awesome Article written by Lena Stevens, you can check out her work at

What I love about this article is how it is geared to give you the tools you need to empower yourself and go beyond your comfort zone, this month. We are here in the New Earth and we are looking for empowered creators, YOU….. joining us to go beyond the mind to stretch our container as Lena says and evolve into more of what we ever thought was possible.
Let’s go…..

JULY 2013

A monthly support audio Mp3 with Anna and Lena will help you with further discussion, suggestions, exercises, shamanic support, icaros and guided visualizations. (link here)

The themes for July are:


This month we have a triad of themes all working together to provide an incredible opportunity for accelerated growth, change and evolution.

The themes may seem paradoxical and even contrary to each other but their cooperative alignment will support creativity and manifestation in ways you could never have imagined.

This is finally the opportunity we have been waiting for, to break through the limitation of how our belief systems identify what is possible and what is not.

All three themes are equally as important this month and your challenge will be to dance with them in harmony and balance, while staying focused on the limitless potential of what is possible. It is extremely important that you not get lost in other peoples drama, suffering and chaos. And remember you can only help yourself and be the best example you can be.


We are being prompted to move beyond our comfort zone, to experience something beyond the physical plane, to accept what our mind cannot grasp rationally, to stretch our container of what we can have and create in this life, and to give and receive more than we ever thought possible in this life.

The pot has been stirred and great movement is afoot. The challenge will be to keep the mind from trying to identify and define concretely just exactly what is going on. It wants to know. It wants the manual. It wants to be in control. This is a fear response to the unknown. You need to reassure your mind that spirit has your back and that it does not need to know, it just needs to trust.

Expansion always brings the potential for higher centered experiences of truth, love and energy. This includes great beauty, inspiration, and the heightening of all your senses and intuition. In order to tap into and experience the higher centers you will need to be available, which may mean eliminating your distractions and energy leaks. It may be time to break away from people and behaviors that have kept you living small. This is the opportunity for making a bid for power to live BIG if you are ready for it.

Everyone has something they feel limits them, some area of their life that feels restricted or that does not flow easily. It could be in the area of relationships or money or health or personal power. This is often also the area where major life lessons are being learned and the area where breakthroughs are needed. Moving into expansion takes discipline and part of the discipline will be to eliminate doubt, negativity, skepticism and the need to know.

How to work with EXPANSION

You must make time to just BE. Expansion is not action, pushing or effort to build something bigger. It is the process of allowing and receiving. It is opening the pores of your belief systems and energetic patterning. You become more porous in order to receive that which will expand you into the next level of vibration from which place you can create something new and magical. Expansion is the feminine counterpart to the masculine Discipline. (more on this in the monthly support Mp3)

The other important aspect of Expansion is the balance of knowing when to focus that energy into something aligned with your personal intentions. This requires a trust in right timing as well as eliminating such things as procrastination, laziness, and the resistant voice of the false personality.


The theme of Discipline is equally as important as Expansion as it gives you grounding and focus this month. It is easy to lose oneself in the expansion. It’s the discipline that focuses the energy and uses it to manifest. You will have to watch for procrastination and the desire for instant gratification as obstacles to appropriate discipline and grounded focus. This is energetic discipline that requires a practice and clear intentions but that also leaves room for the unexpected and magical to happen.

Expansion can make you feel slightly ungrounded, scattered and directionless. Without focus and discipline, expansion can turn into an energy that balloons out in unwanted places such as drama, negativity, illness, and physical weight. Some of the discipline this month will be focused on staying positive no matter what. It is the positive that needs to be fed and needs to be allowed to expand into even more positive experiences.

This is not the negative connotation of discipline as a consequence to some bad behavior but rather a committed agreement of responsibility that shows up as a physical set of practices helping to focus and organize your physical universe and keep you grounded.
The word Discipline can bring up reactions of resistance to authority especially with those that have stubbornness. The Discipline theme this month invites you to become your own authority and commit to your own set of practices that will keep the expansion focused and balanced.

Discipline is the masculine counterpart to the feminine energy of Expansion. Discipline is action, focus, intention, commitment, resolve, courage and showing up. Good discipline in service to Expansion will always be rewarded with magically manifesting your intentions.

How to bring in DISCIPLINE

It is very important this month to have a regular practice. Whether it is a daily walk at a certain time, a space for prayers and visualizations, a spiritual routine, something for your body like yoga or exercise or some other practice that sets the day right for you, make sure that it becomes routine as this will keep you grounded.
Fortunately this month we have lots of astrological support for the theme of discipline with the influence of Saturn as well as numerous retrogrades that keep the expansion from being overly explosive.

Clarity of intention is also a key in working with discipline. You have to be inspired by your goals and dreams enough that the discipline seems a small price to pay. What do you want? How do you want your life to be? (more on this in the Mp3)


As the secret ingredient this month, MAGIC is the fairy dust, the blessing and the unexpected event that should not have been easily possible according to your rational mind. Magic is the byproduct of allowing expansion to take place and having a clear dream and intention driving your discipline. It is what comes as a bleed through from the astral plane and what infuses your experience with a positive surprise and a true connection to the higher planes.

In this case we use the term Magic as a positive influence and do not connect it with any negative connotations of doing evil or bringing in unwanted dark energies. When you think of a magical experience, it is usually one where everything seemed to align itself with the best possible scenario along with unexpected beauty, love and a better outcome than originally prepared for. Often there is an element of surprise and sometimes even uncanny synchronicity. Magic always uses the astral plane to bring through what is outside the box of the collective agreement of what physical reality usually provides. Enough of these experiences will eventually shift the collective agreement to include an expanded view of reality and a new belief system that includes so much more.

How to bring in MAGIC

Expect the unexpected and always focus on the positive. Pray for amazing things and experiences and opportunities to show up in your day. Acknowledge the magic that already exists while you watch the colors of a sunset or listen to the song of a bird.
Create practices that allow for magical experiences such as taking time to listen to the message of a tree or a plant or a cloud.
Beware of obsessive thinking and micromanaging your experiences with mental hyper vigilance. Leave room for spontaneity. And keep a “don’t know mind”.

In order for permanent and positive change and evolution to occur, the new expanded container and paradigm needs to be anchored. Magic helps with this. Experiences that seem magical and out of the ordinary will eventually be seen as “normal” as we evolve.

How the month shows up:


This is an amazing time for bids for power as well as personal growth. This would be the month to finally sign up in a big way for something you have only dreamed about and possibly never thought you would manifest in this lifetime. Whether a beautiful relationship, the perfect job, incredible health, fabulous creative expression, or all the love and support you never allowed yourself to have, this is the time to make that bid.

The bid is the committed intention to allow the expansion of what you believe to be true to break through to another level allowing for great change to occur. The discipline required is simply to keep from sliding into negative thoughts of doubt, limitation, blaming others and lack of responsibility. This is your life and the whole thing is entirely up to you. You decide.

There are always baby steps to take on any path. Once you find the first one and have the courage to take it, you are well on your way. More often than not, the first step is asking for help. Remember that a bid for power always leads you to something new and if it is new, you don’t know about it in any rational way yet. So ask for help from someone who knows just a bit more than you do as a first step.


Probably the most powerful influence on relationships this month will be the experience of the higher centers in relationship and the possibility for deeper essence contact. This can be a frightening place for some to go and you will very quickly find out who is willing and able to go the distance and who is not. As usual, when there is a possibility for a relationship to move to a new level of partnership and intimacy, there is also the possibility for the ones that cannot follow to fall by the wayside.

If you experience someone falling away, perhaps even someone you thought you had a strong bond with, do not take it personally. It is important to take responsibility in your relationships for your part in change but not to take other peoples reactions personally. If your need to please overrides your inner truth, you will limit your own growth and expansion. It is also crucial to understand that you cannot bring someone along if they are not ready to come. You cannot do someone else’s lessons or karma for them. You can only do your own work and be a good example.


It is time to change our relationship with the environment. This means eliminating ourselves as victims of the environment and taking responsibility for creating an environment we want. The theme of expansion will help to expand our awareness of how we affect the environment on a daily basis. The discipline will help us to have a daily practice of seeing magic in any environment be it natural or manufactured. Once magic is acknowledged, more magic can happen.

Become aware of your environment. Where is the magic? One way to bring magic in is to sing or talk to everything you come into contact with in your environment. When was the last time you sang a hello to your computer or your car, or your kitchen stove, or your office environment or your garden or your favorite place to walk? Try it and see what happens. This could become one of your disciplines.


This is always a big topic and one that brings up the worst and the best in people. It seems that there is always work to do around health, body image, physical exercise and general maintenance of the physical body. No matter how well the body is cared for, there is often a feeling that there is a lack of support and nothing gets people feeling victimized faster than a body that does not perform as we expect it to.

This month provides us a great opportunity to break some old patterns, change some old beliefs and to finally get a handle on having the kind of physical health and well being that we have only dreamed of. You need to start by making friends with your body and saying hello to it, and acknowledging the magic and miracle that the body actually is. Then you can set up some committed intentions and disciplines to support the body in what it needs. Remember the baby steps and asking for help. This is a month to put the body first as it is your vehicle to experience expansion and magic and a bigger dream.

So drop the martyrdom, take responsibility, ask for help, trust, and practice patience.


A good month for bids for power.
A good month for expansion.
A good month for the discipline of paying attention to details. A good month for reorganizing.
A good month for revisiting goals and expanding your sense of what is possible.
A GREAT month for asking for some MAGIC.
A fabulous month for working on your prosperity and abundance in finances.
A timely opportunity to dream big, get some magical support for your projects and practice manifesting beyond the box.

Partnerships may need adjusting as some may not be able to keep up, and projects may need revising especially if they are too limited in their vision. Paying attention to the details and keeping good discipline will be key to keeping things on track.
If you are in the wrong work, partnership or business, it will become obvious. Take responsibility and make a change before a change makes you and you become the victim. Don’t take things personally.
You will know when you are on the right track, as the universe will provide more than you expected.
A leap of faith may be required. Go for it!


July 1-7: This is a time when many opportunities may come your way and you will need to take an inventory of where you feel limited and where you feel expanded. The areas of limitation should be noted so you can put an intention out to work with them. The energy this week is still in transition with more and more clarity showing up around opportunities and situations that may have been obscured or confusing. Allow right timing for that which is already in the flow of manifesting and trust that the right situation for you personally will show up. Be receptive to letting go of what is in the way of your expansion this month. Look at any area of your life that lacks discipline and commit to doing something to give you more focus.

July 8: New Moon is at 1:16 AM Mountain Daylight Time. A great day to revisit and renegotiate your intentions based on your observations of the past week. If you come across self-deprecation, shame or disappointment in yourself for past behaviors, forgive them with the intention of expanding your own self love to a new level. This is also a time when acceptance of instead of resistance to whatever is occurring in your life is helpful as a point of reference. Take responsibility and ask spirit for some magic on this day as a sign of being on the right track.

July 8-15: Windows and opportunities of higher centered experiences are full-on during this time. Remember to stay out of fear and to resist micro managing every moment of your day. Leave plenty of space for magic, spontaneity and receiving the gifts of spirit that come with expansion. Ask for good surprises and be delighted when you receive them. This is also a good time to revisit the concept of “play” and what that may mean to you. Engage in some of it.

You will still need to include discipline as an energy for balance but the main focus of this time period is to allow yourself the expansion that is needed. Watch your dreams as they may have messages for you. Watch for synchronicity as it may be also be guiding you in some way.

July 16-22: So many beautiful and grand opportunities have come into your life by now that this is the time to rely on discipline to keep everything focused in a good way. Some of you may question the beautiful and grand part as perhaps your opportunities are for much needed growth and breakthrough. This growth and breakthrough may be coming with more difficult experiences of letting go or the growing pains of major change.
Whatever your experience, it is all a bid for power and should be seen as positive. Remember that part of the discipline of this month is to stay away from negative judgments and thinking. The opportunities are really huge and provide a great possibility for ending up in an entirely different and better place in your life.
July 22: Full Moon is at 12:16 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a time to honor the fullness of your life and to practice seeing magic in all things. Any practice that gives you the experience of expansion is helpful. This is the time to anchor what you have received as an opportunity this month. If there is anything in your life you are still ambivalent about, this would be the time to either commit to it or to let go. A committed decision of “no” is just as powerful as a committed decision of “yes”.
July 23-31: This is a time of great energy and movement. For some of you it may seem like a lot and you will have some trouble managing the acceleration. For others, it will be experienced as an exciting time of manifestation and realized dreams. For everyone there is a definite sense of seeing the light at the other end of the tunnel. Surprising and positive events both personally and globally give rise to large amounts of hope and inspiration that we really are capable of taking responsibility for creating a better world.

Thank you for reading. If this forecast came to you through a forward or share and if you wish to receive other updates via email please go to our website and sign up


Memorial Day 23,24,25,26

Memorial Day Retreat…..

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Banner Creative Heart

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein


The Creative Heart Team Invites You to the Reatreat
The Creative Heart Team Invites You to the Reatreat

We have always been creating our reality!

But what part of us really does the creating?????

We know that when we are in touch with our sacredness, connected to Source through our heart and our higher mind, magic happens.

And  – how much space do we as adults allow for in our lives to play with real heart inspired creating.

Our upcoming retreat is

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T h e   C r e a t i v e   H e a r t   R e t r e a t

CH retreat heart May '13  

Creativity, Collaboration and Community:
An experiential weekend in Our New Earth

Thursday May 23 6:30pm – Sunday May 26 1:00pm
LaConner, WA
(or via Webcast in your own home)

To Learn more

Visit our website:

Kornelia Dengel

Kornelia’s passion is to ignite the spark within you, inspiring you to step into your full creative potential and share your unique expression within the Whole.  In this inspirational talk I  will share some creative ideas and playful ways that we can invite creativity into our life right way.  Together we will explore what creating means to you, bringing  a new level of awareness that you will discover about yourself.   I am also inviting you to co-create a special project with me,  the virtual community is included.    Kornelia’s website is: 

Marianne Green

Providing a loose structure for our ‘heart-inspired’ creations, Marianne will be leading us forward through a process of accessing an image through meditation and sacred sounds. This image (or perhaps oracle cards for those who have difficulty with inner visions) will provide the basis for personal and group ‘stories’, which will then be expressed creatively through different media (art, an ebook, a video, voice, music and movement improvisations, for example). Space will be honored for inspirations from Source. We will continually be supported (by the team – physical and non-physical) to allow our hearts to guide us, as joy and depth bubble to the surface from the infinite creative life force. Individually, and as a group, we will be creating 5D. The embodiment of this experience is transformational!

To learn more about this process, please visit my website, in particular:

Janet Hickox

Astrology and numerology intertwine in this presentation designed to help participants identify and then release their blocks, limiting thoughts, shadow self, and wounds that prevent them from being their true creative selves. Each participant will have their chart done and their basic numerology profile to work from.  As we get to anything that may be standing in the way of your being creative, Kornelia will assist you in releasing any emotional blocks and or feelings that are standing in your way of moving forward in your life and in your creative expressions.  Be sure to include your birth date, birth time, birth place on your registration questionnaire in order for us to have an astrology chart prepared for you.

Janet’s website is: 

Kevin Doheny

“Sound is a carrier-wave for consciousness,” so Kevin will have his keyboards and sound gear on hand to play and transmit consciousness through the physical medium of sound. When he’s not playing the keyboards, Kevin will have on his “techie hat” as he manages all things technical, including sound, the webcast, and interacting with the “virtual retreat” attendees. During Kevin’s time to play on Saturday morning, he’ll also give a brief presentation on manifesting and creating, and then take people through an experience of connecting to their heart’s passion while he plays.

You can learn more about Kevin and listen to some of his music at

Cleo Bouffiou

Taking you into a deep meditation connecting you into the depth of your heart space. Creating an energitic space connecting to your Soul/Higher Self. From this point taking you on a journey where you will meet those you have believed to be the authority on how you feel and who you believe yourself to be. Through Soul conversations you will have an opportunity to see patterns not just from the illusionary authority you meet, but how these beliefs are passed from one generation to the next. Then providing divine support cutting the cords energetically freeing you up to live in your higher aware nature.

To learn more about The Soul Talk Technique please visit

Roger Wetzel

Roger will be kicking off the retreat with an introductory games night. How often do we walk into events being a bit reserved or shy? Have you ever noticed that on the last day of an event that there are a couple of people you did not meet? Not to worry: the goal with game night is to get everyone fully engaged, fully present with not only themselves but together with all of the participants.

Kristina Sophia

We express who we are and what we bring to the world through our voice. Often we hold back verbalizing our truth, even though there is a deeper part that is longing to be expressed. Opening our body, mind and soul to 100% freedom of expression releases blockages, gets our creative juices flowing and energizes us to be who we came here to be.

For the last 15 years Kristina has helped people free their voice. She will create a safe place for us to express, sing and create musical experiences. Everyone can do this. Those of you who believe you can’t sing will especially benefit, and those who do sing will access new realms of musical creativity.

Reality 501

I am beginning here now. I have known for over one year to come to this place for this expression – what’s in my reality and what subtle energy level I am working with now and what I am letting go of.

Working with the emotional body for the last 3 years has been the most healing, loving, awe inspiring, nurturing act of love I could have done for myself and of course, the collective.

This week I am working with very subtle energies, that are barely visible. The first time I met Inelia Benz and when she/we agreed to work together with the Global Ascension Center she told me right from the beginning that we will never defend anything. There is no need to do that.
Whenever we defend something we are coming from the energy that we did something wrong, and that we would be defending our actions and of course the ego. She told me to be prepared that working on the front lines this will come up, the energy of attack.

I understood this on many levels and for one year now, I have had plenty of opportunities to practice letting go of the energy of Defense in many different experiences This is how we learn to practice our values, convictions and standing up for who we are becoming, not who we where in the past. Reacting to an attack with a counter attack, defending your actions or your person. It is always the role of the negative ego to protect you, leaving you the victim and pointing the fingers back at the person. Don’t take is personal.

Who we are becoming is transparent.

There is nothing to protect or defend because everyone is responsible for themselves and what it brings up for them. How someone responds to what I do or who I am is not my business. It all comes down to perception anyway. How we perceive what is happening in our reality is an inside job.

What was playing out in my reality this week? The energy of Defense…It was so subtle that I barely noticed it. However, the players in my experience were showing me through their conversations they were having with me.
First scene – A Facebook friend was sharing with me how she was being attacked by someone whom was offended by the pictures she was posting calling her a racist.

Second scene – This one played out through an email exchange between myself and someone who triggered me into feeling like I wanted to defend myself after I had gone above and beyond to assist with an issue they had.
Third conversation – I was on Skype with a friend who was telling me that sometimes people don’t get me, (Kornelia) that they take me the wrong way…

I was noticing this….and noticing that I started defending myself a slight bit and feeling uncomfortable about it in the conversation and the feelings it brought up.

As I am sitting in reflection this morning, I am releasing this energy of needing to protect anything on all levels and all dimensions. I am releasing once and for all the energy of defense.

Take a look at the word and it’s meaning; Defense – a noun – to defend something …..
resistance against attack…….To protect something.
There is nothing to protect.
In my reality
What’s showing up in yours?

Join me on Saturday night at 7pm
I am thrilled to be interviewed by one of my favorite people
Lance White on FIRESIDE CHAT
on Saturday night February the 9th at 7pm

The Shift of the Ages, the Birth of the New

Today is 12/12/12 a very special day on this planet for all the beings who know this and for me personally on so many levels. This expression of love and gratitude goes out to all the path pavers, to all the way showers, to all the role models, and to all the healers, who are being the examples and believing in the birth of a new earth. To all the Lightworkers, for their continued willingness to clear and hold the new frequency of light so we can birth the new — this path has not been easy and goes with out saying how many times we have been brought to our knees and surrendering ourselves to spirit. I want to thank you for not giving up, and not allowing anything to stand in the way of you claiming your sovereignty and freedom. It has all been worth it every bit of energy which has been devoted to it! One of my role models Angela Pergola had a wonderful affirmation written in this mornings Blessing and I am sharing it with you.

I Kornelia, affirm and declare I am a host for the Host of Love, Intelligence that assembles within the heart of every man at this blessed time of the year. My consciousness spreads wide with the gift of divine connection — so wide that it’s very presence engulfs and transforms even the smallest atomic particles within my domain. I am the true gift of Spirit this season and I am grateful for the infinity of opportunities to be such a carrier medium on this day and every day. One by one, love touching love, we move into the Higher image and likeness of Source Intelligence.
You can check out more of Angela’s work on

Discover “Who I Am”


As I sit in awe and wonder of this most transformative powerful year of 2012,  THE YEAR OF POWER!  “A year of Pioneers and Revolutionaries.”

A year to discover “Who I really Am”  as I am reflecting back at the many lessons I have learned,  how much I have let go,   the deep gratitude I feel for the yearning of my souls expression that has come to pass.  When I hear people say that 2012 did not really do anything or change anything,  This has to do with your own perception, You are the Creator of your reality, weather you believe this or not.

In September of 2011 I had a very painful experience where I surrendered my ego to my soul.  The reason this was so painful  because I was surrendering my motivations for external achievements and external attainments.  My motivation completely changed and this was deeply emotional and confusing for me,  as I really did not have a role model or a map of what I was doing,  I was trusting the process and looking back I always have.  The discovery  of “Who I am” is an inside job,  at times this was very lonely and my ego was having a very rough time with it.  What I learned is to have compassion for my ego,  my friend whom had been in charge and in control all these years and now as we  switch roles,  I became the compassionate witness.

I sat empty for months without  desire for anything.

One day I heard Source say to me I want to be expressed through Beauty.

In early January of 2012 I was listening to what wanted to be expressed from deep within my soul.

I started out the year with a very powerful intention and yearning of how I want to express myself, I also noticed that my want’s (desires) did not include the usual  material possessions and that something big had changed within me.

You/Me/Oneness  January 2012

My soul is yearning for a sacred space a platform, for authentic self-expression, a space that allows me to speak my truth, be vulnerable, powerful and fully self expressed.  A Universal Love Space, to grow my/your soul, evolve and expand beyond any limitations of my/your beautiful, brilliant mind.  A space for intimacy,  to witness and be witnessed,  transparency  is so beautiful and freeing.   By shining our light as bright as we can we give others permission to do the same.  The time has come to embrace the magnificent beings we are and inspire and uplift each other to move beyond fear (illusion) and claim our true birthright of Joy and Abundance.

With a powerful intention like this everything that is not that came up for me to transform so I can move past the lie’s and limitations that I have so brilliantly hidden from myself.  Now,  I am not saying at all that this was a piece of cake,  this work is not for the faint at heart, you know what I am talking about,  it takes so much courage to pave the path so others can have an easier time as they awaken and walk their path.  We all have our roles to play and more and more of us are honoring,  claiming and receiving clarity on what our role is.  It sure makes it a lot more fun,  taking full ownership of our creations,  very empowering and inspiring.  I am so excited to step into 2013,  Express more, love more, nurture you more, play with you more, witness you more,  open my heart more, and be more and more authentic and transparent.  I start my new Radio show called “Expressing YOU”  the first show airs on January the 18, 2013.   Right after our first Global Ascension Center Retreat in La Conner.   Oh my what a powerful way to start of the year.

Before I sign off here,  I want to tell you,   all the beings on earth and beyond,  I love YOU! and I thank you.

If you are reading this,  really take this in.   I really really love you,  I am so very grateful for you, all the hard work you have done and are doing on this earth,   My goodness,  we don’t say it enough to each other. You do touch my life by the breath that you take, as we are One.   You are so beautiful,  I deeply honor your journey where you are right now and the love that you are.  Thank so much for your willingness to be courages and discover the truth and the beauty that is within you.  May your light continue to shine bright and may you claim more and more of you to share and express.  Namaste,  my loves.

One of my favorite messengers “Lee Harris” he is a wonderful role model for me and I deeply resonate with his December message.   I am also inspired to include the video he did at the beginning of 2012, this message is relevant now as well.

Have a beautiful Holiday and thank you for Expressing YOU.

Loving you,


December 2012 Message

The Year of Power

January 2012 Message




Become a conduit for Source.

I am posting this call to action where Inelia Benz is asking everybody who is in alignment to BECOME A CONDUIT FOR SOURCE TO UPLOAD THE NEW PARADIGM OPERATING SYSTEM.

Dear Kornelia

I am presently in Spain, where I will be attending two events.  One event is in Barcelona, on the 13th of October 2012, and the second event is in Madrid on the 20th of October.

And, the information I will be sharing at these times, are that we now have the capacity, power, and ability to change the Operating System (OS) of the Human Collective, to the New Paradigm version.

The OS is carried within human verbal language, and our DNA.


And Source, Gaia and the Planetary Council needs volunteers to become conduits for the new OS to enter our Human Collective.  We need volunteers who speak every modern language on the planet. Spanish, English, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Portuguese… in short, YOUR MOTHER TONGUE.  If you are reading this article, it means you are personally being asked to partake in this download.

This is crucially important.  This information needs to be translated into every language on the planet. Please send your mother tongue translation to info @, and we will link it to this article, so you can then forward it to everyone you know who speaks that language.

Here are the instructions:

On Saturday 13th at 4pm Spain Time Zone – I will be sharing this information in Barcelona Spain.

On Saturday 20th at 10am Spain Time Zone – I will be sharing this information in Madrid Spain.

On the next Saturday AFTER you read this message.

Please, if your timezone and calendar allows, at one or all the allocated times above, go to a public place where it is normal for a person to sit, such as a cafe, park, beach, or meet with people you know at an assigned place such as your home or public area, and sit with your eyes closed and IN SILENCE, with the intention to BECOME A CONDUIT FOR SOURCE TO UPLOAD THE NEW PARADIGM OPERATING SYSTEM into human collective language (your mother tongue and DNA) throughout time/space.

I will be joining you for one hour every Saturday from today to the end of 2012.

Share, send, copy/paste to your blog, list, FB page, talk to your local radio stations, TV stations, groups and  friends, and everywhere you can think of, let them know what you are doing, and ask them to join you in intention.


Inelia Benz


Wake Up Everybody!!

Asking powerful Questions.

I Love asking powerful questions, in my personal life, and in my practice with my clients.  Asking powerful questions is a wonderful tool to bring about changes in your life, to facilitate clearings, and manifesting your heart desires.  I ask questions everyday and I love living in the question, this makes me feel empowered.  Sometimes the answers come right away and other times they don’t.  Then there are times when I need to change the question around if I am not getting the clarity I am desiring.

My Beautiful House

A few years ago it was the summer of 2010 and I was in over my head, with a huge mortgage to pay, a monthly house payment of $2400.00, my beautiful house that I loved so much upside down in value by $140,000.  I had been working with the bank to modify my loan, I even  hired a lawyer and paid $3500.00  to assist me with working with the bank, and nothing worked.  I was so frustrated and at the point of not knowing what to do, I was faced with the house going into foreclosure.  While out on a walk one day, I asked myself these powerful questions, that changed everything.  If you had all the money in the world right now, what would you do?  Where would you go?  Would you buy the house, even with the value declined?  I immediately answered that question, it was right there, the right question just needed to be asked.  I would sell the house and move to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  If I had all the money in the world, what would I do?  I did not have all the money in the world,  but what if ?????  Within one month, I had the house on the market, the first week the house was shown, the new owner walked in, and it took the bank 6 months to make it all work.  The short sale was done, and I got out from underneath this heavy burden, that no longer was in alignment with where I was going.  Sometimes we think there is no way out and we can’t make the changes we desire, but there is always a way.  Asking the powerful questions,  gives you options and powerful choices that you can make. What if you had all the money in the world?  What would you do?  What if ?

Manifesting my new space in Santa Fe.

I flew to Santa Fe, with my best buds, to help me locate my new space, and come back home to tie up all the loose ends,  everything was all set to go, to move, the celebrations had been had, all the goodbyes and good lucks,  the dinners and the potlucks were celebrated, me and my peeps had all gotten used to the idea that I was moving to Santa Fe.  Two weeks before take off,  I was out on a walk again enjoying the quiet, when I heard my inner self say,  I don’t want to go….. I want to stay here….. I said what???? Are you crazy, everything is arranged all the plans, what about the embarrassment,  people are going to think you are crazy.  I want to stay…. my inner self said.  I now understand that it was that question, that got me to make these changes, and let go of my house.  Who knows Santa Fe is in my heart and maybe one day,  my heart will lead me there, but the point was asking the question to get the energy to move.  Thus assisting me to let go of my house and moving on.  I have gotten really good at honoring myself even at the risk of looking crazy to other people.  This morning I asked myself another powerful question and I wanted to share it with you.

If I had only this day to live,  How would I spend my day?  What would I do?  How different is it from how I am already living my days?

I am laughing and living in utter Joy.  I am meditating and getting into my juicy vortex of love with my creator.  I am creating and writing my blog on what I would want to say to the world.  I am on the phone having some deep amazing conversations with folks that I love and that are not with me. I am telling them how much I love and adore them, how grateful I am for our experiences, the lessons and the love we share.  Then I am heading off to have a beautiful organic, orgasmic lunch with my beloved, then taking the afternoon to go out to my favorite place in nature,  with my unconditional love dog, we are laying on the beach,  becoming one with the ocean, as I am but a drop of consciousness in the ocean and every drop in the ocean has it’s place.  When I arrive home I am enjoying a wonderful dinner with my friends and family, laughing and remembering all the joys we share.  I would share the thoughts that I love my life, I am so grateful to have been part of this cosmic play and as I am reminded of the words of a sweet friend, that said to me not so long ago….. looks like you made it.!!!!!  Think Barry Manilow !!!

What if you had all the money in the world, what would you do?  If you had only this day left to live,  how would you live your day?  Who would you call?  What would you choose?

Inspiring you to live your best life now,  live your best day now,  and live your best now moment, embracing your true magnificence.  I love you.  Muha!!!

One of my favorite songs on the lead by Teddy Pendergrass , inspired the name of my post today.  Enjoy the song and video.


Being Love in Action

Being Love in Action

Did you feel the wave of love this morning that was being sent your way,  I love you so much there are no words to express how deep.  In my meditation this morning you where all in it,  every being, every animal and every plant, in harmony and beauty.  My heart is overflowing with love to express, and  being love in action.  What can you do today to love yourself and others more?   I want you to go to the mirror today  put your right hand over your heart look at yourself deep in your eyes and say I really really  Love you Sweet.

Everyday, not just on Valentine’s day we have a wonderful opportunity to love ourselves even more. Through loving and accepting ourselves we are more loving and accepting of others whom we share relationships with.  I had that experience the night before last,  with a friend whom I love very much, I observed how I felt after we got off the call,  I did not feel very good about my behavior towards him, this came down to recognizing an old pattern I did not like in myself, and that I was ready to release and let go of. The first thing I did was notice this for me, then I chose to be compassionate and understanding towards myself and the next thing I did was apologize to my friend.  His response was perfect I wanted to share it here……

First, your apology is accepted.  You observed your actions later and have re-aligned your focus.  I was the vehicle to allow this learning for you.  Congratulations, you learned the lesson! I did not have any negative feelings toward you as a result of the call.

I love this experience that I created for learning and how loving and easy it was.   You see, there are times when you are feeling really good and everything is awesome and joyful it seems really easy to be in that loving feeling sharing and expressing your love space.  What about the time when you are not feeling so great, when you are still noticing that you are being very hard on yourself or not kind enough, or placing expectations on yourself that  when I accomplish this then I will be more loving.  This is how an intention to being more loving with yourself comes in perfect support to show you in your experience where you are not being that, and shifting it. Remember, Love is not judging yet we do it all the time some parts of ourselves that has felt not good enough. Love is not jealous, not conditional, not pessimistic, not greedy, not controlling or manipulating.  This is when to really apply love and when you are called to surrender and let go of the thoughts the judgment and emotions that are part of the old.  To have more compassion like you would for a friend, you are your friend you are someone’s friend.

When we set an intention there will be blocks and limitations that will come up, that will make you want to quit because you may not feel good enough to continue and say yes to your hearts desire, or you may believe that you will not get what you want.   We know now that we can move through our limitations and change our beliefs thus transforming and creating a new reality.   This is what embracing our true magnificence is all about, loving ourself back to wholeness…  I always seem to teach what I need to learn.  I love being the student and the teacher.

I am really enjoying how creating this blog is really helping me in embracing my true magnificence.

One of my Intentions for the year of 2012 is to allow unconditional love to lead the way in my life.  What this means to me is to embrace the challenge of “being” unconditional love in each conscious now moment.  Taking full responsibility for my emotions and how I respond, as you know that each emotional trigger is always something from your past, wanting to be acknowledged and felt.  Taking responsibility for watching and observing my thoughts to not judge myself or others is the best way to practice being and living my intention.

Our intentions are so powerful if we write them down and articulate them very clearly, then we have to fuel our intention with pure desire, passion and belief without a doubt that you can have, be what it is you are intending.  The last step in the intention practice is to surrender 100% to the universe to practice where your faith and trust lies,  as the universe is your assistant and appreciates you.  What part of you do you want to embrace and love today?

Happy love,  everybody.  Big juicy love in 2012


Children our our Future,  By Whitney Huston

Enjoy the following text from the science of mind magazine…..

Nothing to Hide

“Love Makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.”
Zora Neale Hurston

Love is the most powerful force it the universe. It lives as a burning desire inside you, demanding your soul’s fullest expression.
It will not let you rest until you fully reveal your unique self.
Love will not allow you to hide or to live in fear.  It will broadcast your true thoughts and feelings in a million different ways so that others will eventually see.
You cannot hide your real self. Inevitably who you are must come out.
Love breaks all boundaries and overcomes all prejudice. It has its own sequence and time.
It cannot be scheduled or manipulated.  It will not be organized or made convenient.
Love is not difficult to demonstrate in one’s life.  It’s simply a matter of building a consciousness of love each day working to realize the value of your own unique contributions.
Be sure you are sending out only what you want to receive in return.  If you are seeking honesty, are you being honest?
If you are seeking financial stability, are you financially stable? Give what you want to receive.
In the short term, you may be able to hide who you are or pretend to be something you’re not.
Inevitably, your authentic self will be revealed.  So stop hiding. Show everybody the real you.
You’ll be surprised how anxious people are to see who you really are!

Every day is a new opportunity to love. I am grateful for all the love in my life…..

What Is This? What Is This Blog About?


My soul is yearning for a sacred space a platform, for authentic self-expression, a space that allows me to speak my truth, be vulnerable, powerful and fully self expressed.  A Universal Love Space, to grow my/your soul, evolve and expand beyond any limitations of my/your beautiful, brilliant mind.  A space for intimacy,  to witness and be witnessed,  transparency  is so beautiful and freeing.   By shining our light as bright as we can we give others permission to do the same.  The time has come to embrace the magnificent beings we are and inspire and uplift each other to move beyond fear (illusion) and claim our true birthright of Joy and Abundance.   This space will evolve with a life of it’s own, I have no idea, how that is all going to look, this space is set up for me/you to come in and express.  Transparency is key, and through collaboration we are stronger together.  Are you willing to create, and make 2012 the most delicious year of your life?  What is it that you truly want to create in 2012?  More to come on this soon, be prepared to send in your intention as we collaborate together and let love lead the way on this Universal Love Train.

Mad, Crazy, “Big Love”  in 2012

Awaken to our own inner Power and be our own Authority


My intention here is to offer you simple yet very effective tools, techniques, and resources that you can use to empower yourself with. The tools and processing techniques are the same ones that I use on myself and my clients for the last few years. I have found that we can transform and move through our issues very fast these days if we are willing to be conscious and feel our emotions (energy) fully, and accepting responsibility for our own feelings.

Under the “Resource” heading you will find a lot of useful information, including the people that are raising the consciousness of the planet, and the information that I use to empower myself with.

Changing with the times
Our Planet and our World is changing and we must be willing to change with her.  We are at the end of a cycle of time and our old conditioning and old ways have to be released so we can allow for the birth of something new.  There are many different predictions out there that claim that the world is going to end, but what does that really mean?  In my interesting point of view, the world as we know it is ending, a cycle is ending; and it needs to end to make way for the new way of being. We are no longer going to be able to ignore the changes that are beckoning us to “Wake up and Claim our Power”.

We are finding this in all areas of our lives; in our careers, our finances, and our relationships. Outside circumstances such as your company downsizing, losing your job, not being able to make your mortgage payments, losing your home, longtime relationships ending, and people leaving your life may be showing you a different life path. Or maybe your own inner voice is asking you questions like, why are you here?  What are you doing?  What is your purpose?  How are you supposed to make it?  And what can your contribution be when you feel like everything is falling apart around you and nobody including the government or the authorities are doing anything to help you?

We don’t have the luxury of time and space to be complacent or passive; if you want to make these changes a little smoother for yourself, you need to be courageous and step up and accept responsibility for yourself.

All these changes can be very scary to deal with if you are an emotional wreck. It takes tremendous courage to ride this wave and be conscious of your feelings and emotions (energy).  I have found that with the amount of change that we are experiencing now, this is also how fast we can move through our issues if we know how.  I am giving you simple tools and techniques that will assist you to navigate through these uncertain and challenging times.

Emotion is energy; in fact it’s energy in motion. (e-motion)
Through our conditioning, most of us have learned ways to repress, hide, or set aside our emotions. However, emotions trigger our thoughts, which trigger more emotions; an endless loop that is easy to get caught up in.  When we suppress our emotions (energy), those very emotions are amplified through this continuous feedback loop.

Use your Emotions (Energy) as a tool
One of the most empowering things you can do is how your respond emotionally to what is happening in your life.  This is really the only thing that we have control over. How we respond to what happens. If you are being triggered emotionally by something , (you are upset, hurt, angry, depressed, withdrawn), you will now have the opportunity to clear this emotion.  Anytime that we are being triggered by something emotionally it is always something from our past, never from the present moment.

Every event is basically neutral …………….if you get triggered it is
always something from your past that needs to be cleared.

So what to do with Emotions (Energy)
Do you hide your feelings and emotions?  Do you feel like it isn’t safe to share your feelings fully and truthfully with others?

You have to be willing to go in and feel it. Feeling it is healing it. You have to be willing to feel the discomfort.  When an emotion is expressed, it naturally moves through and creates space for new things to come into your life. If you are willing to take ownership for what you are feeling, you will empower yourself right before your eyes.

Responsibility meaning the ability to respond…
When we stop judging others, and stop blaming and pointing the finger at them, and when the people that you are in relationships with do the same, we can experience the freedom to share all of ourselves in a non judgmental space.

We have infinite possibilities?
What are the infinite possibilities for you to experience a:

Breakthrough and Break free?
Transformation and empowerment?
Awakening to your own inner authority?
Allowing and trusting yourself in this unfolding.?

Are you ready to really get how powerful you are and claim responsibility for your life? 
Then, get ready because your life is about to change from being a victim to a powerful co-creator.

What old conditioning do you need to let go of? What do you need to release and process from your past that is causing you to feel victimized and powerless.  What is causing you deep pain?  Let’s get conscious and break free and break though.  You really owe this to yourself.   Can you afford not to?   You have nothing to lose but fear!

“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”     Rumi

Are you willing to make 2012 the best most delicious year of your life?

If you are still reading this, there are no mistakes, this may be for you, or you may want to support this work by shining your light and forwarding  this on to someone you know that could use support.  A lot of what I found out there in working with my clients, that there a lot of men that have never given themselves permission to feel.  Our society has taught our men that they had to be strong, be a man, don’t show your feelings,  as that would make them appear weak.  Nothing is further from the truth,  it makes you human and opens you up to be vulnerable, approachable and letting love in.   Then of course there  are the Women,  who had to suck it up and get on with it.  Suppress their emotions and put food on the table,  taking care of the kids, the cycle never ending until now.  I know from a deep place within,  if each and every person accepts responsibility for their own life, together one heart at a time we are raising the vibration of this beautiful planet.  And through this collaboration we are stronger together.

Why would someone have a session with me?

I open up a non-judemental safe space, where great healing can take place.

You want to feel lighter more balanced and have a clean slate to begin.  This could almost be described as taking out the trash.

You want to get to the truth of a pattern that keeps repeating.

You are sick and tired of feeling anger all the time enraged and enslaved by your emotions.

Your blaming, projecting and judging others, reacting in an endless cycle.

You feel numb, depressed, and are suppressing your emotions.

You know what you need to do but are still unable to move forward.

You want to manifest your dreams but here are still a few things in the way.  Don’t let deep childhood wounds or hopelessness stand in your way.

Did you know that suffering is a choice?  When are we going to stop learning our lessons through pain?   When we choose to!  There was a time when suffering really served us and is now converted into fertilizing soul growth.

I will leave you with this wonderful possibility to contemplate.

I watched a wonderful video of a woman giving birth to a baby in water, as she was moving through the contractions moving her hips from side to side, allowing herself the choice,  she discovered that she did not need to experience pain, as she moved into the contraction she expanded into bliss and she had the baby in the most natural blissful state, she experienced an “orgasm” while giving birth. Wow!    Imagine the life of that child, being born in bliss. Imagine that child being YOU!

What is your highest JOY?  How much are you willing to receive?