The Global Dark Night of the Soul

No matter where you are there you are and depending on if you have been on the path for a long time or if you just waking up our collective experience is feeling like a global dark night of the soul….
Everybody I talk to right now is feeling deep discomfort, challenged by old beliefs, in relationships and challenged by perceived limitations,  lack of freedom or not being happy inside.  Many people are challenged healthwise or activated  by the dwindling resources, money being tight, and the soul is talking to us.


The soul …..Knock knock,

Who are you? and how to do you want to live your life?

People are feeling the collective Grief; the whole — the world is in deep mourning, grieving itself, the loss of a dying world.

We as a collective are completing–
poverty, war, struggle, enslavement, dis-ease, lies, limitations, doubt, fear, distractions. That’s a lot of energy that is out in the field, and many people are super sensitive empaths feeling this grief, absorbing it into their bodies and processing it for the whole. You can’t rush grief, allow yourself once and for all to feel the deep sadness of loss. The loss of a world you once loved relationships that fell apart because they don’t honor the truth of who you are.

Stop expecting yourself to put on a shiny face so that you don’t make someone else uncomfortable seeing you grieve. Being Human is giving yourself permission to feel. Grief is a natural part of life and is a very liberating experience for the human soul. There is something empowering to allow yourself to feel like shit, get comfortable licking your wounds, living with your heart broken open. Remember this; You can’t rush grief; it’s even ok to be grieving for long periods of time and don’t rush yourself through or should on yourself to be over this by now because on thing is for sure grief has it’s own schedule and it does not rely on what another person thinks.

By being vulnerable and naked fully capable of embracing all the cracks within the inner being with nothing to cover up and hide you have the courage now to transcend those fears that grief into liberation and make peace with your past forgive everything all the places within where you feel you failed. Allow yourself this natural wonder your body knows when all the wounds, all the grief has naturally moved, though. At the core of your being is love and now you get to bring that unconditional love into all those open cracks. Nature is a wonderful healing salve for grief, go out into the woods and allow the great mother.. nature to heal and nurture your grieving heart.
From my own experience with many dark nights of the soul I have gotten good at grieving and realizing this is part of being human, feeling deeply all the feelings that we as humans get to feel, the pain, the suffering the bliss, all of it. This has been a huge problem for many people who are on anti- depressants and prescription medication. Allways in search of covering something up what is a natural part of our humanity. Feeling emotions and feelings. Instead of being labeled as depressed, or by polar or some other disease.

Write yourself your own prescription;
A Grieving Human, with a broken heart, I feel like closing in on myself, and I am exhausted from all this bullshit. I am going to take my time to allow all of this to move through me so don’t rush me. I will take many naps and allow myself to go for lazy walks in nature. I will give myself permission to eat the ice cream and watch movies that evoke the tear machine in my body. I will give myself permission to allow my body to move in harmony with nature. You can check in on me from time to time to see if I want to talk  and if I do don’t be in a hurry cause I may have a lot to say and a clock watcher is not going to help.

P.S. Possible side effects, Spontaneous laughter, spontaneous healings on all dimensions in all time frames, spontaneous awakenings from pure beingness…..

Feeling it is healing it.

The storm will pass, I promise, and you will feel better more whole than you remember. Once the grief passes you will feel lighter, don’t be in a hurry you only have today.

You feel like participating in life again, I promise.

What is the Power of the Word “Trust”

If you are guided to trust in the spiral of universal flow, you will fly.


With the planetary tone of manifestation, the frequency you emit is that of trust in the universal flow.

Primal trust means we must use our free will to make choices with no guarantees. Looking back at your life, you see that you have always been provided for, and with this memory you know that the divine will provide what is needed for your journey now. Most importantly this begins with you, making choices moment by moment, trusting your inner self, your inner guidance, tuning your heart.  Making choices in the eternal now.  Trust means knowing how to surrender to the will of the divine self and letting go of control.

YOU know your ego is the one that needs to know it is safe and wants to control the outcomes of your life.

In the old world, the opposite of trust is the energy of betrayal. I talk about this core wound in my book, “Peace, the Flip Side to Anger”. Once you heal the core betrayal wound, it’s like it was never there. This takes a while as this wound goes back to the early days. Even Christ was betrayed by one of his disciples, so this wound has been around for a long time. This is part of the old earth. Release it.

Once this wound is cleared, you will learn moment by moment that it’s fine to trust in this life, in this universe, in Source/ God and love.

Look at it like this: an elephant that has been in his chains for so long is now free to go, but it does not know it has been released.


What is the power of the word trust?
Having faith in the Universal spiral of evolution to carry you to where
you are ready to be in your present evolution.

Trust in the choices you make today in this moment, the eternal now.


If you are guided to trust in the spiral of universal flow, you will fly.

“Come to the edge, he said.
We are afraid, they said.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came to the edge,
He pushed them and they flew.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They came. It pushed them…
And they flew.”
~Guilliame Apollinaire

Speak these words out loud to program your DNA with your voice.
“Just for today with every choice I make, I trust,

I trust, I trust I trust, I trust”.

“Ruby roots reach way down. I am safe. I am firmly rooted”.
“I open myself to be with others who support my fullest expression”.
“I am open to receive messages of the highest order”.
“I am embodied.  My life is abundant”.

Source, Sovereign, Free,

How To Live

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We work each day to turn “negatives” into positives.  It’s all a matter of perception.  Our challenge at this time is to remain intensely positive and focused, creating the world we wish to live in.  We did not come here to “fit” into the old world. We came here to create a new one.  Let the dream that you created long ago come alive with you by reclaiming your power and allowing the truth of who you are  set you free.  There is nothing more attractive than a person who is confident in his/her own knowing. This daily focus will help you do that.

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From Slavery to Freedom.

It’s been eight years in May since I left the slavery paradigm. I remember very clearly my soul asking me “Do you want to live like this for the rest of your life”? It was a very authentic question. I can still hear it now.  That question was so clear and penetrated my entire being. Without hesitation, the answer was “No I don’t”. There has to be more to life than what I am living and experiencing. There has to be more. It feels like I am living in prison.


My soul’s call was to awaken me so that I could choose whether or not to be free. I had no idea at that time what freedom really meant other than that I was working, feeling like a slave, not feeling excited about my life. I was just going to work, coming home, paying bills, charging my credit cards, getting bonus checks, paying the credit cards off and then repeating the cycle.

Oh, but I thought I was living the American dream, buying my house,
having a mortgage and working at a job that was draining the life force out of me. There was so much missing and yet I did not even know what it was. What really used to get me going was Dr. Phil on his TV program when he would say, “I want you to get excited about your life”.
I would think, “How can I”?

How can anybody be excited living like this?

That was the beginning, my saying “No”, that I don’t want to live like this for the rest of my life. I was looking for passion and found the book “The Passion Test” was the hope and inspiration I needed to make a break for it. Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life” also spoke to me. It was time for a radical change. With my belief in love and miracles, I took a leap.

I had no idea what these next eight years would bring. Looking back now, my whole world changed. If you would have told me, you are going on a spiritual adventure except you won’t be traveling to India or living in an ashram; that instead India is going to be coming to you, bringing heaven to earth right here at home. You are going to be living a conscious life. You’re going to learn a whole new way of living and being. You are going to embody freedom on earth.  You will discover that freedom will be your core value and all the choices you make will be around that core.  Your ego will give you lot’s of fit’s along the way.  You will surrender your ego to the will of the divine.  Your life will become your multidimensional art.

You are going to ascend and become a light channel. You are going to author a book called “Peace, the Flip Side to Anger”. You are going to be part of group of people who will birth the new earth consciousness and build a new paradigm, and while you are at it, you will become the most authentic, loving, soul you know. You will fall in love with yourself and your life.

When you hear the word “ascension” in 2008 you will feel called to it. Even though you don’t know what it is you elect to follow it. YOU will make ascension normal. This will take a while. Ascension will become your goal, your number one priority. It’s in alignment with Mother Earth which is ascending as well.
You will learn things and know how the universe works. Through your inquiry, you will teach these principles to others. You will fall in love and have your heart broken open and you will feel great pain in the process but you will recover and move on. You will learn so much and do all of this with very little money, and you will transcend the suffering cell memory for the earth.

You will know Grace,

You will discover that the Joy and love you believed in is normal in your life and you will come to embody a new enthusiasm for life that you never thought  possible. You will have a few good friends who love you and stand by you. You are blessed.

Miracles will become the NEW Normal,

You will claim your sovereign power as divine creator-being, a solar sun fully self-sustainable. You will teach others practical tools for living and finding out the truth of who they are. You will be a beacon for embodied unity consciousness.

YOU will be a great light and bring in the new light language. You will build with others thriving communities of light and build sustainable cities of love.

You will embrace your gifts and create many wonderful experiences. You will be surprised by how much you will raise your vibration and shift your consciousness. You will be tapped into the galactic center and articulate these messages.

YOU will love getting to know how intuitive you are. YOU will ,without knowing at first, heal any imbalances in your physical body, and you will ascend. You will help many people discover the truth of who they are, individually and collectively.

You will do all this ….. by the choices you make along the path through your experiences.

You will write about Ascension, keep going your doing great.

You will fall in love again,  You have great Courage.

Living a Whole Life is a Holy Life.

Very cool to see it from this view.

May 2008 to present: Spiritual Entrepreneur –
Pathfinders(Creator,Life Mastery Empowerment Tools)
Life Empowerment Coach, Speaker
Creative Heart Retreats, Creator
Emotional Freedom Processing Technique, Creator
Global Ascension Center Collaboration,
Online Classes & Events
Global Internet Radio Host -Interviewer, Creator
Event Organizer & Retreat Facilitator
Universal Wholeness Coaching Program (Creator, Facilitator, Trainer)
Author /Writer

Peace, Love, and liberty for all.






Old Earth, Old Story

The inner saboteur actor comes knocking, feeling uncomfortable and at odds with all the changes, the fear and the old habits come up for a final farewell. Shake hands, thank you self sabotage, you have served your time well. Please pack your bags, take with you frustration and confusion.  The patterns and habits of this old world have no room for expression where we are going.  Congratulations, you have been released from prison.  We will miss you. It’s been interesting being distracted with you.  

love_flower1 is exchanged.

Love loves the inner saboteur free.  Love offers patience and compassion for the habits acted out by the saboteur actor who does not feel loved.   That’s what love does. It set’s you free.

New earth, new story.


Photo courtesy Katy Obrian French

FOCUS.  Love is the Law.  We begin with compassion and patience.  The next phase is moving into greater expansion and freedom.  We see new solutions, new choices, clear steps, feeling balanced, inspired and confident.  Rewriting the story, we know that life and the environment we create is based on the energy we bring to it.  We bring Love, butterflies, magic and vision.  

We are moving into conscious co- creation with the life-force, blessing the seeds we plant with our voice, our vision and our passion.

Welcome to paradise !

Who’s with me?

Empower yourself!

This message below from Lucia Rene is so very powerful and completely in resonance with what I have been experiencing, teaching  and living in my life. This year the energy of nine is asking us to be more than what we perceive ourselves to be. To step into our authentic power as Source realized beings. To come home to the truth of our nature.


We are shifting, transcending by the speed of light. We don’t have the luxury nor do many of us want to stay in the limited vibrations of powerlessness living in the old world. We are continuously being asked to claim our power and step outside of our comfort zone to rise and embrace our infinite capacity.

Lucia talks about Spiritual transformation boils down to
1.) Clarify you’re and 2) to empower yourself

Empower yourself. With every step you take. With the discipline required to choose your thoughts, to shift your negative limiting beliefs and to feel yourself real.

One way that I have empowered myself has been in using anger as tool for liberation. Underneath the anger is was always a feeling of powerlessness that I released and then claiming my truth and coming closer to my authentic self.

I so am excited ascending with the planet and meeting my kinfolk who are also living the empowered lifestyle of truth and resonance.

2016: Your Back Is Up Against the Wall


In one of his books, Carlos Castaneda recounts a story of the Mexican sorcerers of old. They had completed their apprenticeships. They were well versed in the arts of sorcery (mysticism, shamanism, whatever you want to call it). Then, the Spaniards arrived and began to push through the country, overriding the culture. Suddenly, the sorcerers found themselves with “their backs up against the wall”. Everything they knew, they had to begin using in order to resist, defend, and outsmart the invaders.

The point of Castaneda’s story was that having your back up against the wall is a fortunate position to be in. Those sorcerers suddenly had to own all of their knowledge. It was, in essence, the final phase of their education.

Now, as we begin 2016, that is exactly where we find ourselves. Our backs are up against the wall. We are challenged to put everything we have learned, up to this point in our spiritual journeys, into action. We are being invited to make the most phenomenal leap in consciousness ever known to humankind.

So how do we do that? How do you, personally, do that? How do you optimize your time this year to transform and upgrade yourself, completely?

There are two basic components. One is the playing field. That is the “where” of the equation. The other is the logistics. That’s the “how”.

The playing field has radically changed over the past few years. We’ve gone from structure to fluidity to formlessness.

It is as though we used to live on the banks of a river. And we had our lives all figured out. Our structures were built on solid ground and we knew how to navigate the landscape. Then, gradually, the energetic playing field forced us to give up our familiar land-based existence and get into the river.

So we took our boats, pushed off from the side, and began to flow with the river’s current. That’s a little scary. You don’t know what obstructions you might encounter. Will there be rocks jutting up from the bottom? Is there a waterfall up ahead? But those of us on a spiritual path realized, at some deep level, that we had to sync up with this new energetic playing field or risk getting caught up in the tumultuous change on the shore and all of the resulting attempts to cling to structure. And we’ve done well.

Now, we are being invited to give up our boats, indeed, to give up the river. We’re being invited to relax into something more akin to the air and be swept up high above the terrain. Free and unbounded. Not fluid but formless.

From this vantage point, we can observe the structure of the land and the fluidity of the river. Allowing one’s Being to be carried by the air currents invokes a certain ease, a detachment. We can experience the grace of allowing the air to determine our course. A far less “personal” existence. A much more formless, Universal one.

As for the “how”, nothing has really changed. Spiritual transformation boils down to 1) clarify your Being and 2) empower yourself. So it has been throughout the history of spirituality. Clarify your egoic structure that holds you separate from Universal Light. And, as your Being becomes more clarified, cultivate Universal Light.

So how do you clarify your being? My method involves meditation and processing. Why? Because meditation stills the mental body and processing brings the emotional body to rest.

The goal of mediation is to quiet your mind, stop thought, and drop into Samadhi, a stateless state. Formlessness, in other words.

A processing technique allows you to dissolve your emotional baggage, egoic structure, belief systems, attachments, attractions, repulsions, and anything else that you hold as a protection or defense. You process in order to stop viewing life through the personal filter of the ego. The more you process, the more you view life through the lens of your inherent Universality.

Then, as you clarify your mental and emotional bodies, you can see how to reorg your life to be in accord with the nature of existence. The more you reorg your life, the more you repair and strengthen the embodiment that houses consciousness. And as the embodiment becomes strengthened, it can absorb and retain more Universal Light. We call this empowerment. So the concepts of clarifying and empowering your Being work hand in hand.

There are many ways to empower your embodiment. Certainly meditation is the primary one because stilling the mind allows direct access to Universal Light. Also, you empower yourself by refining your diet, getting proper exercise, living an impeccable life, clarifying your environment, and surrounding yourself with beauty. By spending time alone, spending time in Nature, reading high-vibration spiritual books. By going to power places. And by sitting with those whose vibration exceeds your own—by meditating with them, learning from them. Someone who has fully clarified and empowered his or her Being is, in essence, a mobile power place.

Clarify and empower. Clarify and empower. Nothing has really changed.

But here is where the logistical “how” and the playing field “where” dovetail as we begin 2016…

By clarifying your being, you strip away anything that prohibits you from being in sync with the energetic playing field.  By empowering your being, you gradually become the playing field.


So, unless you still don’t know how to meditate and/or process, there is really nothing you need to learn to do this year in order to transform yourself and optimize your ascension. There are only things to undo.

If you honestly want to use this year for high-speed transformation, 2016 will be very personal. And very much in the moment. Use world events as a mirror to reflect what you need to process in your own ego. Don’t cling to the past playing field. Don’t worry about the future playing field. If you put your full attention on clarifying your being, you will gradually, automatically, become more and more in sync with the formlessness of the time.

The Earth is ascending in vibration (as those who track her Schumann resonance have proved) and will continue to ascend this year. The more you clarify and empower yourself, the more in tune with her ascension you can be. In 2016, we will be forced to clarify and empower. We will be forced to sync up with the Earth’s vibration. And, as a result, this is the year we can take it all the way home!


So you see why this year is of extreme value? You see why having your back up against the wall is the optimal place to be?

Next year, you won’t have that incentive. The energies will relax in 2017. The massive shifts for this phase of the planet’s ascension will be complete. The energetic playing field will even out. We’ll know how to navigate formlessness and we’ll begin to focus our attention on dreaming a new world—the world we have all longed for. And that will be lovely.

But the clarity of attention you will bring to that long-awaited task will be the direct result of all of your spiritual work. How far do you want to take your quest for Truth? How clear do you want to become? How empowered?

An invitation like this only comes along once in a hundred lifetimes. Take it!  This is the year. Optimize it!  Don’t mark time, waiting for things to blow over. Seize this opportunity and become everything you can Be.

“Dress to the Nines” ~From the inside out!

I am calling us to dress rehearsal.   “Dress to the Nines” in 2016

The Cosmic number Nine Compassion and Universal love for all

The human beings embodying the number nine adhere to the principal of Universal love and compassion.


We are welcoming 2016 with love, readiness, and wholeness.
Universal love for all.
2016 adds up to a number Nine! We are embodying the Number Nine, this year!
Through our experience of What Is™ the vibration of the Number Nine?  Join our private network membership here

We will only know the answer through our individual experiences of the embodiment of what the nine means. How we show up in relationship to the meaning of what nine means to us, individually and collectively. This is a Universal call for us all.

This is what we are diving into this month and year.
Did you know that the Number Nine is an Introvert and is also the Hermit in the Tarot Card?
The number nine is about completions of the end of a cycle.
“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”                                                           ~ John 8: 32


Many people will feel withdrawn.  Drawn to go inside.
Spirit will ask you to go inside and harmonize all that is unbalanced.
To bring into completion, the wisdom gained from life and all your experiences. Going inside to tend to your inner garden for meditation and quiet, listen to your soul speak. Ask your soul what it needs and wants. Ask your body what it needs and wants.

Give yourself time when you need time alone. It’s normal to do that. You need to give yourself space for integration and alone time when spirit is communicating with you. Open yourself up for communicating by listening..  Another form of  communication is listening not talking.

There will be many changes. The goal of the nine is universal love for all. As you can see, we have a lot of work. Nothing your love can’t impact. Your love is so great; your heart is so big, and that is the curtain call of this universal love play.

The one thing that is certain is that we are in for enormous changes. This is not to be feared. Change is the only constant in the Universe. We have the infinite capacity to handle it. We are ready for the changes;

We want Peace!

Peace is Power!

Can I get a witness?

The mantra for this year is.

“We Embrace change with ease and grace”.

Speak it out loud, so your body can hear you. So the cells in your body can hear you. So the Universe can hear you are not in resistance and now you will experience more ease and flow.  One thing is for sure it may not be comfortable. Humans don’t like to be uncomfortable.

Change is not about being in our comfort zone; it is about stepping outside of it and expanding into our greatness. If you fear change take a look at what about change scares you and process that fear that illusion.  Sit down and make a list of the fears and in my next blog I will send out the art of processing fear right out of your life.
The Miracle of Unity Consciousness transcends all fears and overcomes all obstacles with a wondrous result; an experience of pure love and freedom.”

This year of 2016 we are saying yes, to change, we want change individually and collectively. We are going for fulfillment in all areas of our lives.  We all want the same thing.  Freedom to live here on this planet in peace and harmony.
Soaring Spirituality, Vibrant Health, Supportive Loving Relationships, Fulfilling purposeful career all rooted in love. The time for financial prosperity is bringing the spiritual into the material. The spiritual had to come first. I will write about his a lot more in upcoming blogs for now.

The cosmic nine takes our curiosity now. Getting intimate with the cosmic nine is what this year will be about. The number nine is about completion; what you are longing to complete and receiving the fulfillment of that completion. Moving that completion into expansion. Shedding all the old patterns, habits, limitations, feeling complete with all of that that has come to pass.


“At first, people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, and then they begin to hope that it can be done, then they see it can be
done, then it is done, and all the world wonders why it was not done
centuries ago.” -Frances Hodgson Burnett

We as a collective are completing–
poverty, war, struggle, enslavement, dis-ease, lies, limitations, doubt, fear, distractions. For all that choose to let that part be complete in their/our life.  The light is here to stay, and the light will prevail, and that is the humanitarian energy of the number nine.   What in your life are you completing? What about addictions? Are you ready to retire the addict? What about the wounded ego, are you ready to love it free? Freeing yourselves from your addictions and letting go of old habits, patterns, and beliefs that are not the truth of who you are at the core of your being.

What about judgment?  Are you ready to let go of judgment of good and bad, of right and wrong.  Are you ready to let go of judging yourself and others.  Another one of those human behaviors to retire.  Replace judgment with compassion and understanding.

The cosmic nine is about letting go and expanding the truth.
It is about expanding out into the larger cycle. It is about being in fulfillment of the larger cycles of time and it’s grand design.

With this grand design of completion look at it from a soul level, what are you longing to complete? Every single human being on this planet is affected by this vibration. Ask to be shown if you do not know and don’t fret it you have not seen it yet. YOU will. It’s happening. The number nine is so mysteries it asks that you shine the light for others. It asks that you “Be” rather than trying to “Be”.

The light is the light it shines and knows it’s the light.


The Nine vibration asks that you “Be” rather than trying to “Be”.
Take a look at this video of the number nine.

 Thank you to all of you. 12/31/15 This expression of love and gratitude goes out to all the path pavers, to all the way showers, to all the role models, and to all the healers, who are being the examples, believing and birthing of a new earth. I want to thank all the mothers who are birthing the new babies. Thank you to all the conscious folks awakening and being great. Thank you to all the unseen supporting the divine plan in all it’s glory. Thank you to my friends who have held me when I needed holding. Thank you for the ones that triggered in me my anger and powerlessness, so I can rise and shine brighter and be stronger. Thank you for all of you devoted to love, God, truth and light. Thank you to Mother Earth for your beauty. To all the Lightworkers, for their continued willingness to clear and hold the new frequency of light so we can birth the new — this path has not been easy and goes without saying how many times we have been brought to our knees and surrendering ourselves to spirit. I want to thank you for not giving up, and not allowing anything to stand in the way of you claiming your sovereignty and freedom. It has all been worth it every bit of energy that has been devoted to it! I celebrate our victory and now for heaven sakes let’s have friggin fun. Putting all our new structures down beaming our lights as bright as we can so that the ones that are now waking up—– can us and see how cool and how fun, how great being light really is.

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I created the What Is™Game  — a higher dimensional portal — so we would have it easy to reprogram ourselves with positive new messages daily, by allowing all the old beliefs old negative feelings to come up and transcend through our experience.  It is there for you, come in and JOIN US.  Sign up now, feeling confident to stay on track, being your authority and re-programming yourself daily, positively-positive.

Our thoughts are transmissions so keep your focus and thoughts positive.We speak the world into being with the Power of our words.  Do your words match what your are creating?  Do your words reflect the highest truth?  Make sure that your words match your music.  If you would like to go deeper into the energy of nine and the new earth consciousness.  Join our private network membership. 

Your beloved Kornelia
The source of the “We consciousness of the Universe

#Peace love liberty for all



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2015 Farewell and thank you for your blessings. The Heavens and Earth merged within.

Thank you.  2015 thank you for all the endings and all the new births.

cloudmountain_sliderLetting Go, Integrating Unity, Remembering God is the story in 6 words.

The theme for the year continued in Letting Go.  From October 2014- releasing the old world entirely after walking in two worlds became too much.  I had to take the plunge and finally let go and allow the holy spirit to carry me.

Letting go releasing the old world entirely and seeding the new ground (the new foundation) with seeds of “Gratitude” – feeling so grateful to be part of the magnificent plan, to be here now at this most auspicious time on this beautiful planet.  I am conscious and aware to know that it all begins with each and every one of us, collaborating and co-creating in Unity with each other, building “Cities of Love” everywhere. The ground is seeded with “Peace on Earth” along with seeds of Gratitude and Integrity.

As the months passed in 2015 and experiences unfolded I was asked to surrender everything and let it all go.  It was hard to believe that after all the letting go of the last seven years that there is still more to purify and surrender.

As I look back now, I see that to truly be free I had to release all attachments to what I was still trying to control.  The home I was living in the lease was up, and now it was time to move.   A friend offered me two rooms in his bed and breakfast while I manifest my new place.  It was the perfect time to sell all my belongings in a garage sale and let go of the past entirely.  Only bring what I love with me into the New Earth and start a brand new life.   Getting adjusted in my new place with less stuff feels good and liberating.   Then came the next round of letting go when my website was hacked on 9/11.  I right away started processing the energy and to let go of the site.  This brought up all kinds of issues for me around my identity Kornelia Dengel. com.   Kornelia Dengel was taken completely of line nobody could get access to the site and contact me.  It took us one month of working to get it back up.  Shortly after that, I had computer issues and took the computer in.  The battery was done and they don’t make that battery anymore.  Letting go of my old Mac to get a new one.

Next I heard spirit say now surrender the creative heart group that was started 3 years ago.  I remember sending the email I felt a huge release in my solar plexus. This is I was still holding on to control.  Now in November, I was faced with another challenge with a huge dental issues, that now need to be faced and dealt with.  The beauty about all this letting go is incredible there are so many new births that also have taken place and will continue to unfold for me.  It was a very special year of lessons of non- attachment.  I hear my guides tell me that now the kingdom of heaven is yours.  Allowing everything to flow through me.  I show up like a divine actor that can play any part without attachment.  Letting go is the art of the new human and the gift we receive is unification with spirit, aligning with our truth.

The art of embracing my humanity in 2015 has become even more graceful and powerful.  My realization is that I own nothing and do not want to own anything. Everything flows through me and  I give it all for the greater good of all.  Walking the spiritual path has not been easy it’s has been well worth it.

2015 the most powerful year of Pure love and Freedom and  for this girl.

Welcome to heaven on Earth,  Welcome Home.

The miracle of Unity consciousness transcends all fears and overcomes all obstacles with a wondrous result; an experience of pure love and freedom.  The miracle of unity consciousness remembering God.

The point of power is always in the present moment.  The conscious, present, now moment! With no consciousness (energy in the past), because YOU have released all the past from your physical body and from your experience!.With no energy in the future which does not exist. In the future, you’re always looking for something that you think you will get when you get to there.  When you get to the future, you’ll be happy, you will have succeeded, you will have your relationship, and you will have your abundance.  You keep projecting the energy into the future, which is an illusion and keeps you from experiencing the absolute truth, that can only be experienced in the PRESENT MOMENT.  Bring it all into the NOW moment — this is the place for Freedom, JOY, Abundance, Power, Creation and Manifestation.  Bring your conscious awareness into the NOW moment where you merge with your humanity (earth) and bring your divinity (heaven), and you have met YOURSELF.  Now do that every conscious now moment and you are “Heaven on Earth.”    –Kornelia Dengel

Dr. Wayne Dyer, an inspired soul lives on


Dear Wayne,

Welcome home — the angels, father and mother God received you home. A reception for you, a huge celebration, a soul coming home. The adventure continues — an inspired soul lives on. It is a very big surprise for us to have you off on your next adventure. What this world will be like without you here — we are left with the memory of an amazing soul, light, shining bright, coming home. Your cell memory implanted in the soul of mother earth and the hearts of millions.

My dear Wayne, you have made such a difference here on earth. A soul is coming home to the truth of who you are.
The example you lived, showing us what is possible, living in the light of God, Source, the I AM will be forever in our hearts. YOU have created so many miracles here — the millions of people you touched whose lives are changed, are influenced positively because of you, and the gifts you brought with the power of changing our thoughts.

The footprints you left in our hearts will comfort us when we miss you. You are an example of the most authentic human being, of showing us the possibilities of changing our minds to the power of positive thinking. You have always shown us the way. Even still with your passing in the night, you telling your family that you could not wait for your next adventure to begin, and you had no fear of dying. They said, “Our hearts are broken, but we smile to think of you of how much our scurvy elephant will enjoy the other side. We love you forever Dad Wayne.”

I thank you, my brother, for a life well lived. Even still in your passing you are showing us the way of living life with no fear. YOU truly are fearless soul. I remember when reading The Power of Intention, I highlighted the entire book. With this farewell, my friend, I highlight your life, and I will see you again. Thanks Wayne, for coming, for dedicating your life to selfless service of showing the pure heart of a man who can be like GOD. Thank you, my brother, I honor you, I celebrate you, I love YOU.

You where my dad too, my teacher, showing me what is possible, so I can be the authentic human being I AM — you touched me. It is my honor to do you proud.

I AM shining bright, I AM sharing my gifts, and I AM and will sing the GLORY of the Divine for all the days of my life.
Here is to you, here is to us, here is to home.
Big Love,
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Good Things Are Happening…

flowers with word sunshine 600

This month on planet earth,
The summer solstice,
Heaven on Earth is the call, baby dolls…
within and out, above and below,
the sacred merge is taking place,  the “divine union” within.
Happy Fathers day to all.

Starlight starbright
The first star I see tonight
I wish I may I wish I might
have the wish I wish tonight.

In my dream on June 1, 2015…
I was in a meeting with the highest guides — they were ancient.  We were doing a life review; we talked for a long time; I was told that this part of the spiral walk was now complete, and that the lessons were learned — you are moving up into a new circle of the spiral, a new paradigm.

In the dream, they said I was moving far away, because it is a huge energetic leap from the 4th dimension to the 5 the dimension, and this is not easy.  The whole energetic structure of the of the bodies are being changed and refined to the energies of the 5th dimension (the physical body always the last to catch up).

Shortly thereafter, on 6/3/15 in my sleep, I was feeling the draw of my physical body and woke up with a magnetic pull that had me smiling in bed.  It was a knowing, yet unfamiliar at the same time, that my physical body was being pulled up.

Upon awakening, I am now playing this out in the real world…

The Summer,  6/21/2015 solstice.
We begin our new month in the sign of Cancer.  Cancer is about our home — the most meaningful to me!
It also represents our inner home.  It’s all about emotional safety and security, and also about our nest and our family.
It’s about our planet earth, as mother earth is also our home.  This beloved planet nurtures us with great food and abundance.
The Cancer energy is about emotional connection and nurturing, the self and each other.

The lease of where I live is just about complete, after two years of living here.  I am moving temporally to a bed and breakfast, where I am going to be completely in alignment with the energy of home and nurturing, feeling safe and secure in giving and receiving in balance.  I will be enjoying and prizing the connection of friendship, love, and home.

This last past week alone, the changes that I am making in my life are bold, big, and enormous:

  • I am moving my household, and selling everything, to start new again.
  • Another huge change is with my website — building a whole new look — and the way I do my business will also change and expand which necessitated signing up with and moving to a new server that will be able to handle the incoming traffic.

My business is now in full alignment with the energy of success in every area of my life.  This was not so when I started out this week — when I dove deep into “what is the meaning of success” and found myself looking at the energy of self-sabotage and the behaviors that keep the victim idle again.  I was faced with wanting to give up.  I was faced with feeling the loss of the old.  I was faced with seeing the victim in me again and not knowing if I had the energy to rise up again — the feeling of defeat was too large.

Many people experience success by releasing old limiting beliefs of failure, sabotaging behaviors, surrendering the energy of defeat and loss.  In releasing the fear of being successful, the human-being is embracing success on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and material.

No matter what shows up in my life, I am responsible and I will never ever give up.

‘Hit me with your best shot.’

The truth is that I am already a success.

What I have overcome is nothing short of a miracle over and over again.

Joseph Campbell calls this The Hero’s Journey, and yes, I am the hero in my own life.  Thank you to my support team.

I am now looking forward to cleaning out all the drawers; every nook and cranny will now be examined with the full awareness of home and what I value.

Beginning my new life — building a new foundation.

As I say goodbye to the old and hello to the new in full partnership with my divinity…
Living my dream,
Inspired with creative brilliance,
building a prosperous material foundation for the greater good of all.
I AM aligned with the energy of abundance and I celebrate this victory!

My success is your success, it ripples out to the quantum field, it raises the vibration.
Your success is my success, it replies out to the quantum field it raises the vibrations.
I Am-We are a success!

Honoring the Divine Mother

DivineMotherMother Earth,

The Divine Feminine in all of us,

Happy Mother’s Day, every day, to you.

Female and Male alike, honoring the energy of nurturing,
Love, Trust, Faith in the Mother, Faith in the Divine, trusting the inner Goddess, come alive, supporting our growth, our dreams, our visions, our hearts. Moving into the sacred heart of the divine aligning the higher mind of God.

All eyes on you, the Divine Feminine — what will she do?

How will she rise… how will she be honored?

We bow to her in honor and full glory, full support of the Divine Feminine, we thank you so much, for your beauty, for your grace, for holding space for all the children to feel love and be loved. For all the children to be fed, and nurtured, to play and play and play like children do on a summer’s day.

We bow in grace and honor celebrating you, the fullness of you, rising in equality, balance, beauty, and strength, you are the mountain, you are the powerhouse in full passion.

She, You are open, receptive, relaxed, feeling at peace within, solidified and harmonized. She, You are trusting, even though you can only see the next step, you are tending to your inner garden, it is beautiful, full of new growth, full of new blooms.

You know that the divine masculine is there, ready to enter your womb, to do the dance in sacred union, so delighted to be with you, he is ready, focused, honoring, waiting for your JOY, waiting for your move.

He has stepped back to allow you to rise, and feel, and speak. All eyes are on you. What will you do, in your full passion, your fire totally ignited?

She, is rising.

You are rising.

She is celebrating.

She is dancing.

She is singing, laughing so hard it’s infectious.
She is resourceful.
She is moaning, her JOY making all kinds of sounds
like whales do when they send us their hello.

She is fierce, she has come full circle
she knows things
she is a knower, she is a seer,
she is the medicine.

She is YOU.

She has released the victim, for once and all the victims… she is not,
she has released the victim for all,
the ancestors she cried, she grieved, she shed the lies the limitations, she said.
She is the Goddess of the underworld
rising up in scared beauty… she can’t be contained…
she can’t be denied.
She is all empowered, she is unstoppable.

She is a Woman of honor.
She is a Woman of her word.
She is the word as it was intuited in the beginning.
She is FIERCE.
She is Gaia.
She is YOU.
She is the GARDEN.
She is EDEN.
At the highest spiritual cosmic level, this is the power used by the God-like beings at the close of a cosmic cycle in projecting the basic formula, “The Word” which will start a new Universe.
Dane Rudhyar

In the beginning was the word and the word was with GOD and was God. All things came into being through the word_what came into being was life – the light of all people. And the word became flesh. John 1:1-4 (calling the Christ the word).

I stand open, ready, receptive, celebrating YOU. Bowing to you.
All my love,
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