New Moon Vision 2014

Free Falling into my JOY~~~~~
Looking through the eyes of my infinite soul….I am LOVE’S Universal moment.
My Vision is to embody, express and radiate the fullness of my being.  I am a leader of Universal Consciousness of the New Earth.  My Mission is Self love and Self Acceptance.  Embodying my Divinity and being this example of healed and whole living.  This a role that I have chosen to take on with deep honor and appreciation.  My sacred journey, requires that I live in a state of surrender to allow myself to sense the will of the divine to express through me. I control my thoughts and my actions and I release the need to control others.
It takes a huge amount of courage to embody ease and grace in all areas of my life,  through my devotion to only see love and beauty this is now possible.  My Heart leads the way and I don’t look back.  I leave behind the past, the lies the blocks and the limitations and my His`story’s challenge,  as I break free from past restraints and boldy step forth now without delay.  I surrender my spirit and my ego in balance.  This week I am embodying the zero point of trust~ in each and every now moment.
 I ~Intend and I trust my Hearts desire is lived and experience in each and every now moment.  The practice is letting go of all attachments to how I think,  things should be,  and surrendering to accepting and loving what is.  There is a huge amount of freedom in this.  I love, love , love my heart,  I love the choices I make, I love myself,  I love my new innocence,  I trust the new path before me.  I am so grateful for this now moment,  to have the courage to be the magnificence.
It is so fun and exciting to know that all is possible,  that fear is not real, that all has been worth it.  I live in adoration and honor to live the sacred circle of life, expressing my integrated JOY for the greater good of all.  What a beautiful “Adventure” one of the virtues that I value deeply.
I am the Mother I am awakened I am Ma Buddha…
I am the Passion the New Earth.
I dream I create I enjoy…..
I Am ~Kornelia unleashing my Venus

Creating Heaven on Earth


I AM Creating Heaven on Earth in 2014 and guess what? I am taking you with me.   What is your highest Vision to be realized?   Your vision is part of the Co-Creation on this planet.  We need your input and the world is waiting for YOU.

Last year 2013 was one of my most expansive soul fertilizing year’s ever, this year 2014 I am expanding way beyond that.  The courageous steps I took surprised me yet showed me so much about what I am capable of.  Because of my expansion so many other’s benefited right along with me.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.  So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore. Dream. Discover.”
~ Mark Twain
Do not allow yourself to be limited in your vision, by your circumstance,  your money or whatever else may be standing in the way. Most of you are not thinking big enough.
Allow me to assist you in realizing your highest vision as you make a choice and choose freedom to build your new Foundation rooted in love.  I am offering Source Guided Sessions for you to allow love to evidence itself in your life and become the full, profound expression of YOU without limitation.


             Everything we do is an investment in our Future!!!
  • You have a vision that wants to be grounded in. (without attachment)
  • You have a mission to be fulfilled!
  • You have needs and desires that want to be met right now!
  • You have goals that want to be lived and experienced.    
But you don’t know where to start, and you need to do some housekeeping.  One of my gifts is that I am really great at helping people discover what is true for them,  because I live it within myself. I will partner with you and support you in the areas that need your attention right now for you to focus your energy.  It does not matter where you are or who you are;  we all need support and sometimes we just need that swift kick in the arse or the reminder that your vision is not big enough.  I will help you get clear and assist you in achieving what it is that you desire right now. To make this easy for you I am offering you this awesome special:
Get clear on your vision.
  • Do some emotional housekeeping and clearing.
  • Set crystal clear Intentions.
  • Get ready to soar in 2014 and make this the year of authentic empowerment for YOU.   
One of the most powerful things we can do is put our voice of expression with our visions and intentions. The sound of our voice putting it out into the Quantum Field is so powerful and in addition to be witnessed by another with your willingness to vision the biggest dream.   What if this is the beginning of many wonderful changes in your life?