Reality 501

I am beginning here now. I have known for over one year to come to this place for this expression – what’s in my reality and what subtle energy level I am working with now and what I am letting go of.

Working with the emotional body for the last 3 years has been the most healing, loving, awe inspiring, nurturing act of love I could have done for myself and of course, the collective.

This week I am working with very subtle energies, that are barely visible. The first time I met Inelia Benz and when she/we agreed to work together with the Global Ascension Center she told me right from the beginning that we will never defend anything. There is no need to do that.
Whenever we defend something we are coming from the energy that we did something wrong, and that we would be defending our actions and of course the ego. She told me to be prepared that working on the front lines this will come up, the energy of attack.

I understood this on many levels and for one year now, I have had plenty of opportunities to practice letting go of the energy of Defense in many different experiences This is how we learn to practice our values, convictions and standing up for who we are becoming, not who we where in the past. Reacting to an attack with a counter attack, defending your actions or your person. It is always the role of the negative ego to protect you, leaving you the victim and pointing the fingers back at the person. Don’t take is personal.

Who we are becoming is transparent.

There is nothing to protect or defend because everyone is responsible for themselves and what it brings up for them. How someone responds to what I do or who I am is not my business. It all comes down to perception anyway. How we perceive what is happening in our reality is an inside job.

What was playing out in my reality this week? The energy of Defense…It was so subtle that I barely noticed it. However, the players in my experience were showing me through their conversations they were having with me.
First scene – A Facebook friend was sharing with me how she was being attacked by someone whom was offended by the pictures she was posting calling her a racist.

Second scene – This one played out through an email exchange between myself and someone who triggered me into feeling like I wanted to defend myself after I had gone above and beyond to assist with an issue they had.
Third conversation – I was on Skype with a friend who was telling me that sometimes people don’t get me, (Kornelia) that they take me the wrong way…

I was noticing this….and noticing that I started defending myself a slight bit and feeling uncomfortable about it in the conversation and the feelings it brought up.

As I am sitting in reflection this morning, I am releasing this energy of needing to protect anything on all levels and all dimensions. I am releasing once and for all the energy of defense.

Take a look at the word and it’s meaning; Defense – a noun – to defend something …..
resistance against attack…….To protect something.
There is nothing to protect.
In my reality
What’s showing up in yours?

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