Ascended Living and Thriving in the New Earth.


To another planet right here on earth, a higher state of mind.
Dedicated committed to raising the vibration and live life in the “new consciousness”.  The WE consciousness……. in harmony with nature.

“When you acknowledge you belong to the earth, she will draw you into her. “                                                                                                                        ~Brian Arndt


Together we are building this new Earth, and as your cosmic (mother) cheerleader, let’s have some fun while we are doing it.

Maya Angelo said: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”
We are kicking ass and taking names.
Let’s go!
BIG Bold and Beautiful.  That’s how we roll!

Our Humanity is being bombarded with so much information so much intel that it feels extremely overwhelming to try to keep up with all of it. It’s absolutely essential to have a strong spiritual practice releasing old energy, taking care of the physical body while allowing all that is not in harmony with our true nature to fall away.

Every challenging experience in life is giving us the opportunity to clear, and let something old that is no longer a match with our values fall away so we can dive deep into our inner self-discovering what is true for us now.  This is offering us a new opportunity to create a more harmonious way living in alignment with our core values.  We are yearning for FREEDOM and that is where we’re going.

To have and experience peace on this planet is our birthright and our responsibility as empowered sovereign beings. Peace is always first an inside JOB and that is where to begin. We are becoming the ancestors and we are telling the story showing the way to others who are just beginning to awaken.

The collective shadow is exposed and is feeling the core wound of betrayal…, everything is coming up to the surface to be released and neutralized. We are being presented with extraordinary opportunities to claim our authority our power with every emotional trigger. We are releasing the consciousness and core wounds of being victims in our bodies and in our relationships with all life. We are releasing the energy of a system of slaves, living in survival mode, controlled by the matrix.

Our evolution in the new world is no longer supporting the victim archetype. For the victim consciousness to keep being fed and nourished would imply there is a savior coming to the rescue. The savior is already here.
Inside of YOU.
Each person has the capacity to choose to save themselves. We have been shown the way by one of the greatest way showers walking this planet. Jesus the christ told us whatever I can do you can do greater.

Each person/body has the ability to self-heal regenerate themselves and each person has the wisdom inside to claim their inner power, the authority over your own life as empowered creation.

In my book Peace the Flipside to Anger, How I used my emotions to heal my life and my body and HOW YOU CAN TOO.


I talk about how to heal the emotional core wounds. How to heal your body using the power of your emotions bringing your body into wholeness. There are really only a handful of these core wounds and once you have naturalized these wounds within yourself they will not be active in your life anymore because you have alchemized/ healed the suppression from the past that was stored in your DNA because we were conditioned to suppress/ repress.  Emotions and feelings.

Every event that happens is basically neutral it is only your cell memory of the past that is causing you to react. This is part of an old wound that is crying out for you to love it release it and let it go. Giving each of us the opportunity to move into wholeness. It is really very very simple to heal from the trigger. Dive deeply into the wound …..FEEL to HEAL the pain, the loss the sadness that has never before been heard or loved.   Feeling it is healing it. Once the emotion has been felt and released from your physical body you begin to embody the opposite of the core wound.

If you feel Betrayal which is very painful to feel….. then to release…. and then to let go. The opposite of betrayal is trust. Holding the energy of betrayal inside the body you will create and draw experiences to yourself that offer you the opportunity to heal it. You as a sovereign being want to feel that you can trust life, God, the universe, your relationships, your government yourself. In truth, if you don’t trust yourself and your source which is where it all begins how can you offer and bring that energy out to others.  Even though feeling/ healing our wounding our shadows is painful it is very liberating and empowering to overcome.

  • From feeling/releasing Betrayal to ——-feeling Trust in God trust in SourceYOU, trust in life, trust in the Universe trust in your relationships.
  • From feeling releasing the core wound of Abandonment to feeling SAFE on earth, in your body, in your home.
  • From feeling releasing the core wound of Shame to feeling projecting the Radiant light  in your body your energy
  • From feeling releasing the core wound of Unworthy/ not good enough to feeling Worthy of respect and value for who you are and making decisions that reflect your worth.
  • From feeling releasing the core wound of  survival  to feeling the truth of the infinite abundance that is is in you/ in the Universe.
  • From feeling releasing the core wound and stop acting like the victim/savior the program to the truth the empowered creator.  YOU ARE.

When does the pain stop? after you feel, release the old energy, layer by layer the pain stops. You move into a neutral space with your being. The wounded child, the one who has been crying for your attention all your life, has now been loved and nurtured by you. The wounded ego has learned to let go of control and trusts the higher self to be lead from the heart. The victim after many lifetimes of dedicated service work and slavery has been retired and is now free. The addict is no longer looking for something to numb or fill a void, as the addict now has chosen to fill itself with radical- self-love , nothing else will do. The wounded child, The Wounded Ego, The Victim, The Addict are no longer playing parts in your movie.

Are you feeling challenged in your life right now? — feeling powerless, not sure how to move forward, or you are not feeling at peace with all the changes that are happening and would like support, physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, healing of your heart? Could it be you’re releasing anger, having relationship issues, deep blocks, or ancestral wounding and would like resolution and healing? Most health problems are caused by lack of harmony, emotional suppression, or unresolved issues of past or present. I work with the inner body, and in order to feel the release, we must heal the deep-seated feelings that cause the disturbances.

We are in such a time of change, you will find it supportive to work with me one-on-one. In this powerful time of letting go of old relationships, career changes, and new directions to pioneer, there is nothing stopping you from creating your best life. What could be better than the Ultimate Spiritual Life Mentoring, activating  the self-healing, self-love template — physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I will help you step into the truth of YOUR being and release YOUR fears now, so you can have a clear path to walk.

Personal sessions with me are about coming home to you.
Being YOUR authentic self. Sessions: $144.00
Monthly mentoring: $444.00 (4) 60-minute sessions. I will come and speak at your event speak to your groups about emotional wellness how to release anger and step into personal mastery, Check my website for more info at

The collective soul is yearning for full creative expression, of the true source of who we are. That time is now.

What is the Power of the Word “Trust”

If you are guided to trust in the spiral of universal flow, you will fly.


With the planetary tone of manifestation, the frequency you emit is that of trust in the universal flow.

Primal trust means we must use our free will to make choices with no guarantees. Looking back at your life, you see that you have always been provided for, and with this memory you know that the divine will provide what is needed for your journey now. Most importantly this begins with you, making choices moment by moment, trusting your inner self, your inner guidance, tuning your heart.  Making choices in the eternal now.  Trust means knowing how to surrender to the will of the divine self and letting go of control.

YOU know your ego is the one that needs to know it is safe and wants to control the outcomes of your life.

In the old world, the opposite of trust is the energy of betrayal. I talk about this core wound in my book, “Peace, the Flip Side to Anger”. Once you heal the core betrayal wound, it’s like it was never there. This takes a while as this wound goes back to the early days. Even Christ was betrayed by one of his disciples, so this wound has been around for a long time. This is part of the old earth. Release it.

Once this wound is cleared, you will learn moment by moment that it’s fine to trust in this life, in this universe, in Source/ God and love.

Look at it like this: an elephant that has been in his chains for so long is now free to go, but it does not know it has been released.


What is the power of the word trust?
Having faith in the Universal spiral of evolution to carry you to where
you are ready to be in your present evolution.

Trust in the choices you make today in this moment, the eternal now.


If you are guided to trust in the spiral of universal flow, you will fly.

“Come to the edge, he said.
We are afraid, they said.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came to the edge,
He pushed them and they flew.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They came. It pushed them…
And they flew.”
~Guilliame Apollinaire

Speak these words out loud to program your DNA with your voice.
“Just for today with every choice I make, I trust,

I trust, I trust I trust, I trust”.

“Ruby roots reach way down. I am safe. I am firmly rooted”.
“I open myself to be with others who support my fullest expression”.
“I am open to receive messages of the highest order”.
“I am embodied.  My life is abundant”.

Source, Sovereign, Free,

How To Live

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