Because we are expanding by the speed of light,

We have So many new gifts to discover and most of all, the celebration of a new relationship with life.  The new energies have been called in and are here to support us in our highest expansion – living the new light – giving us the opportunity to experience the immense gifts of our divinity.  The diamond light, the platinum rays, are crystallizing, sparkling our DNA so we can express our shiny human-divine selves in very new and passionate ways.

2016 has been an intense year of clearing karmic ancestral completions, releasing of old identities, and for some, moving into deep soul-fulfillment. So much letting go of old ways of relating to life have come to a close and all that is not in alignment with our highest truth has fallen away.

We’ve purified our thoughts and neutralized out emotions.

The good thing about this is when we focus our passion on the wealth of abundance that is here inside each and every one of us, we are focusing on the organic template of the Universe,  its Infinite abundance, and wealth. As within,  so without. As above, so below. The planet has shown us the contrast, the opposite of what we needed to release within ourselves. When the old programming of lack consciousness, illness, disease and, of course, all the emotional core wounding, is once neutralized – to feel it is to heal it the self now vibrates with the harmonic resonance of the infinite. This day, this week, this moment, we focus on the wealth of abundance that is within us, projecting that energy onto the holographic template.

Because we are expanding by the speed of light,

what we focus on will manifest in our reality more quickly now, making our lives easier.  When our emotions are in harmony, our desires manifest at the speed of light.  Being in the right mood with the right feelings is the guiding force in taking right action. To up the ante on your highest expression, I urge you to begin your 2017 with a clear slate, leaving behind all the unnecessary, heavy baggage that may be distracting you from feeling emotionally happy and healthy and in alignment with your new life.

What we do for one we do for all.

The good you’re doing for yourself and the good you’re doing in the world  is benefiting us all.  On the behalf of the collective, thank you so much for being you. I may not know you personally yet you are on my email list and I thank you for being there.

No matter what is happening in your life right now, If you’re reading this know that energetically you are appreciated. I champion you, and I believe in you. You will succeed.  In truth you already have, and now the rest is about aligning, allowing and letting go of what is no longer part of your new path.

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Do you want to move your life from merely surviving to thriving?People want to know how to maintain a positive, proactive vibration, thriving while also releasing old pockets of resistance. 

Walking with the shadow bringing those vulnerable spots  (or as I call them “valuables”) up to the surface, illuminating  our shadow, to love-free the weakest link. This is where our strength lies and how the authentic presence, strong and capable, evolves..

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Daily inspirational messages are available each morning allowing you to be proactive in co-creating our new world.  These messages are about bringing the new light, the new love, the new consciousness, Especially designed for people who feel called to raise their vibration and shift their subconscious from negative programming to daily messages of light from Source.

The more that people listen and participate, awakening to their own authority and their identity as sovereign beings, the greater their sense of homecoming.

Each person discovering what love is through their own inquiry, through their own experience…… what freedom is and what it means to each person ……what emotions is…… what the power of belief is……what the power of the spoken word is…
according to each person’s individual truth…

These messages will assist people to go within instead of looking outside of themselves for the answer. They will know what true happiness means because of the experience that we engage them in.

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“You share for me what is going on translate it in words I can feel and understand and take out the drama and tell me that I can do something, to be part of the action… And part of the resolution too! Thank you”.

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Peace the FlipSide to Anger

“How I used my emotions to heal my life and my body and How YOU can too”,   


Kornelia’s approach to peace is unique! Through her own life experiences, she understands anger.  Through her personal path of transformation, she has come to embrace peace.  Her personal life-tested process has helped countless, and now is offered in book form to support millions-our world!  With so much practical wisdom, I highly recommend “Peace the FlipSide to Anger and see this book as an inspiration to therapists, life coaches, teachers, parents, and foremost, all this who are consciously ready to move away from their deepest anger towards inner peace.      

~Marianne Green, Teacher, Musician, and Sound Healer.

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Ascended Living and Thriving in the New Earth

I send you so much love so much peace and liberty for all.

your beloved


Ascended Living and Thriving in the New Earth.


To another planet right here on earth, a higher state of mind.
Dedicated committed to raising the vibration and live life in the “new consciousness”.  The WE consciousness……. in harmony with nature.

“When you acknowledge you belong to the earth, she will draw you into her. “                                                                                                                        ~Brian Arndt


Together we are building this new Earth, and as your cosmic (mother) cheerleader, let’s have some fun while we are doing it.

Maya Angelo said: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”
We are kicking ass and taking names.
Let’s go!
BIG Bold and Beautiful.  That’s how we roll!

Our Humanity is being bombarded with so much information so much intel that it feels extremely overwhelming to try to keep up with all of it. It’s absolutely essential to have a strong spiritual practice releasing old energy, taking care of the physical body while allowing all that is not in harmony with our true nature to fall away.

Every challenging experience in life is giving us the opportunity to clear, and let something old that is no longer a match with our values fall away so we can dive deep into our inner self-discovering what is true for us now.  This is offering us a new opportunity to create a more harmonious way living in alignment with our core values.  We are yearning for FREEDOM and that is where we’re going.

To have and experience peace on this planet is our birthright and our responsibility as empowered sovereign beings. Peace is always first an inside JOB and that is where to begin. We are becoming the ancestors and we are telling the story showing the way to others who are just beginning to awaken.

The collective shadow is exposed and is feeling the core wound of betrayal…, everything is coming up to the surface to be released and neutralized. We are being presented with extraordinary opportunities to claim our authority our power with every emotional trigger. We are releasing the consciousness and core wounds of being victims in our bodies and in our relationships with all life. We are releasing the energy of a system of slaves, living in survival mode, controlled by the matrix.

Our evolution in the new world is no longer supporting the victim archetype. For the victim consciousness to keep being fed and nourished would imply there is a savior coming to the rescue. The savior is already here.
Inside of YOU.
Each person has the capacity to choose to save themselves. We have been shown the way by one of the greatest way showers walking this planet. Jesus the christ told us whatever I can do you can do greater.

Each person/body has the ability to self-heal regenerate themselves and each person has the wisdom inside to claim their inner power, the authority over your own life as empowered creation.

In my book Peace the Flipside to Anger, How I used my emotions to heal my life and my body and HOW YOU CAN TOO.


I talk about how to heal the emotional core wounds. How to heal your body using the power of your emotions bringing your body into wholeness. There are really only a handful of these core wounds and once you have naturalized these wounds within yourself they will not be active in your life anymore because you have alchemized/ healed the suppression from the past that was stored in your DNA because we were conditioned to suppress/ repress.  Emotions and feelings.

Every event that happens is basically neutral it is only your cell memory of the past that is causing you to react. This is part of an old wound that is crying out for you to love it release it and let it go. Giving each of us the opportunity to move into wholeness. It is really very very simple to heal from the trigger. Dive deeply into the wound …..FEEL to HEAL the pain, the loss the sadness that has never before been heard or loved.   Feeling it is healing it. Once the emotion has been felt and released from your physical body you begin to embody the opposite of the core wound.

If you feel Betrayal which is very painful to feel….. then to release…. and then to let go. The opposite of betrayal is trust. Holding the energy of betrayal inside the body you will create and draw experiences to yourself that offer you the opportunity to heal it. You as a sovereign being want to feel that you can trust life, God, the universe, your relationships, your government yourself. In truth, if you don’t trust yourself and your source which is where it all begins how can you offer and bring that energy out to others.  Even though feeling/ healing our wounding our shadows is painful it is very liberating and empowering to overcome.

  • From feeling/releasing Betrayal to ——-feeling Trust in God trust in SourceYOU, trust in life, trust in the Universe trust in your relationships.
  • From feeling releasing the core wound of Abandonment to feeling SAFE on earth, in your body, in your home.
  • From feeling releasing the core wound of Shame to feeling projecting the Radiant light  in your body your energy
  • From feeling releasing the core wound of Unworthy/ not good enough to feeling Worthy of respect and value for who you are and making decisions that reflect your worth.
  • From feeling releasing the core wound of  survival  to feeling the truth of the infinite abundance that is is in you/ in the Universe.
  • From feeling releasing the core wound and stop acting like the victim/savior the program to the truth the empowered creator.  YOU ARE.

When does the pain stop? after you feel, release the old energy, layer by layer the pain stops. You move into a neutral space with your being. The wounded child, the one who has been crying for your attention all your life, has now been loved and nurtured by you. The wounded ego has learned to let go of control and trusts the higher self to be lead from the heart. The victim after many lifetimes of dedicated service work and slavery has been retired and is now free. The addict is no longer looking for something to numb or fill a void, as the addict now has chosen to fill itself with radical- self-love , nothing else will do. The wounded child, The Wounded Ego, The Victim, The Addict are no longer playing parts in your movie.

Are you feeling challenged in your life right now? — feeling powerless, not sure how to move forward, or you are not feeling at peace with all the changes that are happening and would like support, physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, healing of your heart? Could it be you’re releasing anger, having relationship issues, deep blocks, or ancestral wounding and would like resolution and healing? Most health problems are caused by lack of harmony, emotional suppression, or unresolved issues of past or present. I work with the inner body, and in order to feel the release, we must heal the deep-seated feelings that cause the disturbances.

We are in such a time of change, you will find it supportive to work with me one-on-one. In this powerful time of letting go of old relationships, career changes, and new directions to pioneer, there is nothing stopping you from creating your best life. What could be better than the Ultimate Spiritual Life Mentoring, activating  the self-healing, self-love template — physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I will help you step into the truth of YOUR being and release YOUR fears now, so you can have a clear path to walk.

Personal sessions with me are about coming home to you.
Being YOUR authentic self. Sessions: $144.00
Monthly mentoring: $444.00 (4) 60-minute sessions. I will come and speak at your event speak to your groups about emotional wellness how to release anger and step into personal mastery, Check my website for more info at

The collective soul is yearning for full creative expression, of the true source of who we are. That time is now.

Creating Heaven on Earth


I AM Creating Heaven on Earth in 2014 and guess what? I am taking you with me.   What is your highest Vision to be realized?   Your vision is part of the Co-Creation on this planet.  We need your input and the world is waiting for YOU.

Last year 2013 was one of my most expansive soul fertilizing year’s ever, this year 2014 I am expanding way beyond that.  The courageous steps I took surprised me yet showed me so much about what I am capable of.  Because of my expansion so many other’s benefited right along with me.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.  So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore. Dream. Discover.”
~ Mark Twain
Do not allow yourself to be limited in your vision, by your circumstance,  your money or whatever else may be standing in the way. Most of you are not thinking big enough.
Allow me to assist you in realizing your highest vision as you make a choice and choose freedom to build your new Foundation rooted in love.  I am offering Source Guided Sessions for you to allow love to evidence itself in your life and become the full, profound expression of YOU without limitation.


             Everything we do is an investment in our Future!!!
  • You have a vision that wants to be grounded in. (without attachment)
  • You have a mission to be fulfilled!
  • You have needs and desires that want to be met right now!
  • You have goals that want to be lived and experienced.    
But you don’t know where to start, and you need to do some housekeeping.  One of my gifts is that I am really great at helping people discover what is true for them,  because I live it within myself. I will partner with you and support you in the areas that need your attention right now for you to focus your energy.  It does not matter where you are or who you are;  we all need support and sometimes we just need that swift kick in the arse or the reminder that your vision is not big enough.  I will help you get clear and assist you in achieving what it is that you desire right now. To make this easy for you I am offering you this awesome special:
Get clear on your vision.
  • Do some emotional housekeeping and clearing.
  • Set crystal clear Intentions.
  • Get ready to soar in 2014 and make this the year of authentic empowerment for YOU.   
One of the most powerful things we can do is put our voice of expression with our visions and intentions. The sound of our voice putting it out into the Quantum Field is so powerful and in addition to be witnessed by another with your willingness to vision the biggest dream.   What if this is the beginning of many wonderful changes in your life?